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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Organic Produce, Wow!

I never took a photo of all my produce. Well, it looks yummy to me. It looks like a lot. It is a lot. The bulk of it will be gone in a week or less and I'll need to get more fruit. The bok choy (got ideas?) and lettuce will probably last the longest... and some of the garlic.

We got:
baby bok choy
broccoli crowns*
rainbow chard -most of this will end up in smoothies. If its bitter a quarter lemon rind will take the bitterness out.
green leaf lettuce
cucumber -one of them got devoured with fresh dill and salt
grape tomato - salads and snacking, or a side to a meal
celery - last time this was great sliced and with ground peanuts. Will go good with hummus ( I use dry beans, I may even sprout them x2-3 days).
2 colossal garlic- missing from picture - will go in everything
kiwi *
bosc pear
navel orange - boys devoured upon arrival
fuji apple*
ruby grapefruit
green pepper - I usual don't take this, but John said he liked green peppers and onions sauteed. He's going to be eating a lot of this. Maybe he'll add pepper to salad or dip in hummus.
yukon gold potato- sliced and baked and used them all today, I didn't really want to share them, either(maybe why my weight loss is at a plateau??). I should ask Gerrie about getting a whole case next time.

Fruit share:
tommy atkins mango
strawberries - one basket GONE!

Unfortunately not all this is local (someone asked). But I do like going to the local growers at the farmer's market for more.

Someone else asked how I get John to eat all this good stuff. Well... he likes green peppers and mangoes...

* What I don't snack on whole, I have a few recipes from Kristen's Raw I want to try (cranberry dressing, chocolate applesauce, and flying dragon broccoli ). I've got all the ingredients for these, so I should have some fun in the next few days making some real tasty and healthy stuff.

I made this apple crisp that the boys liked! ( I can't get that link to work.)


womantowomancbe said...

I cook bok choy in chicken broth and season it with a little ground white pepper. Simple and delicious. (But if you were looking for raw ideas... sorry, I'm fresh out!) :-)


fitncrafty said...

It looks delicious!!! I want some....yummy...

Can't wait to hear what you do with it all.

Lily Girl said...

Baby bok choy is yummy lightly stir fried (with a little garlic, ginger, tamari, and a touch of toasted sesame oil). Or cut them length-wise and grill them over high heat just until they get a little color, but are still crunchy. Or chopped up in a light Asian-style soup - you can substitute it for any type of cabbage.

Orlando Realtor said...

I use the bok choy to stir fry or I like to add to wonton soup. It adds crunch and good taste with vitamins and nutrients.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oh mouth is watering! We used to belong to a veggie coop in NY. YUM!

My fave bok choy meal is with shrimp and garlic. Saute garlic in olive oil add shrimp until just barly pink...a little sea salt. Then add choppped bok choy...stir fry lightly (don't over do bok choy)

And as far as your design IQ...You are a work from your left brain more efficiently. Go with that!

Anonymous said...

This is a link to a recipe using chard from Animal Vegetable, Miracle. I use eggs that I purchase from a coworker.

I use the greens I get from my CSA in stir fries, bok choi is good for that. Last night we had tatsoi lightly sauted with sesame oil and pepper flakes.
-Kristen Nelson Sella

Kristen's Raw said...

Gorgeous!!!!! I use bok choy in my smoothies, juice, and in salad.


Permission to Mother said...

Thanks for all the Bok Choy ideas. I was surprised this week to have Grandma Irma help me in the kitchen to feed her son. She used two heads of baby Bok Choy in a cabbage soup John likes instead of cabbage. I teared leaves off the rest and added it to my salad. I was very pleasantly surprised at the crunch and taste. I have not been that impressed with my previous cooked Bok Choy (as you know since I asked for ideas). NOw when I get Bok Choy I willlook forward to the crunch it adds to my salad. :)

Allana Martian said...

I'm so glad you posted a photo! I have always wondered what your weekly amount looked like.

I also wanted to ask what kind of blender do you use to make your green smoothies.

Permission to Mother said...

I started with my oster and now use the blendtec.

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