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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Taking Questions

(This post expired. I am not taking questions at the current time. I am still answering questions that have been asked. Remember to use the search feature above or check in my book.)

Many of you ask some really good questions. I'd like to give you an opportunity to ask questions about topics covered on this blog, but have left you hanging. Regular followers or lurkers, I'd like to hear from you. Leave your questions in the comments. I will probably answer them in a future post at the top of the blog. I'd like to know what you want to know more about. In depth questions may require more some time for answers.

There is tons of info on this blog already. Just for your information there is a search box at the top of my blog and all blogspot blogs to help you find what your looking for.

I will welcome all questions and I find that my writing is inspired by your comments, but please remember I can't do personal medical assessments and diagnosis over the blog. Thanks for understanding.


KMDuff said...

Where would one go to find a breastfeeding specialist doctor in my area? What organizations that you belong to might help with that?

Permission to Mother said...

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine and La Leche League, Medical Associates.

Both have websites. Both have directories. You may have to call the head quarters or your local La Leche group to access the directory.

Attachment Parenting International also has a website and may be able to help.

Mama K said...

OK, I do have a question. My DIL was told by a lactation professional that she was not making enough milk. (Baby was sleeping a lot and mom was told that that is a sign, along with little weight gain, of not enough nutrition) The lactation consultant checked the baby's latch, said it was fine, and told mom to pump and suggested herbs to help increase her milk. She never got engorged (which she sees as evidence of her inability to produce sufficient milk), but nursed through pain and difficulties for weeks and finally stopped. (That girl is a trooper! most of us would have quit much sooner.) So: 1)are there or are there not some women who, while fully capable of growing a baby and giving birth well, are unable to make milk for that baby? I have heard both yes and no to this question and want to know the truth with data to back it up. And 2) what are the different kinds of lactation consultant people? There are the lay helpers like La Leche League, which do a lot of good, and there are some professionals and people like you who have letters after their names. What kind of help do these various people offer, and who would you expect to have the best, most helpful information? I want to know to whom I can direct moms when they are having trouble with nursing. (BTW, where can I go to get training in this myself?) Thanks.

Kristen's Raw said...

Just read an article you might like:

Maternity Leave Linked to Fewer C-sections and Increased Breastfeeding


TopHat said...

I have a question. I bought your book last month and in it you really promote the use of a doula and said something on the lines where you think everyone should have a doula.

I UCed last March. I did end up calling a friend for emotional support once the labor hit somewhere around 30 hours and it was wearing on me, but had I had a labor shorter than 30 hours, I wouldn't have called her. Because of that, I'm inclined to not get a doula in the future. If a woman is UCing, what would the advantages of a doula be? I'm interested in your thoughts.

I love your book, though. :)

Oh sidenote: the labor ended up being 44 hours, wonderful healthy pink little girl.

Anonymous said...

Great idea taking questions from your blog readers! Have you worked with many breastfed babies that have a milk and soy protein intolerance (MSPI)?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I am nursing my 2 year old on demand- she nurses to sleep every night. We just went to the dentist and she suggested that I try to wean her from night nursing or at the very least wipe out her mouth when she falls asleep. Her teeth looked great no problems.. I don't plan on weaning her but I am worried about her teeth.. any insight on extended nursing and teeth? Thanks! Luanne

KMDuff said...

My cousin told me her sister in law was told to stop breastfeeding by her doctor for her health because they couldn't get her thrush infections to go away and they were giving her kidney problems and such. They supposedly tried all sorts of treatments and after 3 months he had her quit. Is that something that really happens or was the doctor just uneducated on possibilities? (This was recent - the baby is only 4-5 months old now).

Permission to Mother said...

Uneducated, but just like I screen for hear atttacks and refer to the ER and Cardiologist, this physician can screen and refer.
For persistent thrush in mom and baby I often use Probiotics & Diflucan for mom and Gentain Violet for baby. Mom would be counseled on low sugar diet. I've not heard of kidney problems from these meds.

I'm slowly getting to the other questions... :) has clear handouts for trush and candida, etc...

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