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Monday, January 5, 2009

Too Cool

David thinks he is way too cool because he is wearing his brothers shirt and matching glasses. Look :) at his cute toes and serious face.

Here is some cute things David has been saying.

On serving himself from a full gallon container into a little papercup, "I am older enough to do it all by myself."

David loves washing dishes and spraying the entire kitchen. To keep some control I let him "help me." We were "washing" dishes side-by-side in our double sink, he realizes something, "Mom, this is like playing a two-player [remote control] game."

David on getting his height checked:

"When I stand on my feet, I am 4. But I'm six when I stand on my toes."
More on checking his height:
He is measuring himself with a six inch ruler moving it up his body. "David, what are you doing?" "Mom, I am measuring how old I am getting."
Now David on getting weighed:
"Let's see how told I am getting."
I'm not sure if "told" is his little prenounciation of "old" or if its a combination of "tall" and "old."

I am still wondering if I produce milk:
"David, you know there is medicine to make more milk."
"Are you sick." He asked me this about 10 times before I could ask the next question. The word "medicine" really stuck out to him.

I've thought about taking the medication to increase milk supply just for the experience of taking it and being familiar with it's effects. But I wonder if it would work too well (Like an unexpected choking hazzard!)and I'd ruin a good thing. "David do you like it the way it is or do you want more milk."

"I want TONS of milk."


Trish Chibas said...

He is just so darn cute! You must laugh a lot!

Christy ~ Munch75 said...

He is just too cute! Looking all cool in his big brothers stuff. :)

Natacha said...

Ok I know I am just repeating here But HE is so sooooooooo cute!!!!

Tammie said...

I agree dang cute! I'm wondering though about the more milk thing. Doesn't it work on a supply and demand and if he wants tons he should be able to have it Without the help of "medicine?" What's in the medicine anyway? Are you wanting to try it yourself first before you recomend it to patients? It's pretty cool if "they" are trying to come up with something to help mother's with milk supply then just telling them to bottle feed. Of course I think that having a good diet with plenty of good water, rest, and proper latching is the best first method of a good milk supply. I have also talked to mother's who have used herbs to help some with lots of success and some seemed like nothing helped.

Permission to Mother said...

Hey everyone, David appreciates all his admirers.

Tammie, you are exactly right about the supply and demand and all the factors that establish milk supply. Herbs and pharmaceuticals won't help if the lifestyle is not there.

In my own case with David, David is happily latching and sucking. I haven't seen a drop of milk in years (when breastmilk was the sole nourishment, I never had a problem with supply for any of the boys).... and he continues to be very content at the breast. It shows that there is more to breastfeeding than just the breastmilk. I don't really know if there is milk that only he can get out (and I can not get any by hand expression or pump with the hospital grade). I ask him all the time if there is milk. He has caught on and that witty kid tries to think of funny answers each time. And I try to change my approach to ask trying to see if I get some truth.

I give out information on herbs and pharmaceuticals many times. I'll post at the top with more info soon.

Becky R (photo is me at 16) said...

He does look pretty cool!

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