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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Will My Produce Last a Week?

Probably not.

We got:

green beans- snacking on these delicious beans raw
red chard- using for smoothies. Ripe bananas and a quarter of a lemon rind takes the bitterness out. Unfortunately I'll be done with this tomorrow. I haven't cooked greens in awhile because I need them all in my smoothies.
red leaf lettuce- this has been washed and stored in a seal container for salad. I put a few leaves into the smoothie.
yukon gold potato- steamed mashed "potatas" --my kids don't like when I say it like that
white mushroom-traded with Lauren for her Bananas
leek -not sure yet
roma tomato- lentil soup
alfalfa sprouts- for salads so far
carrots- juiced a few with apples and beets, the left over fiber went into the soup
granny smith apple - put some in smoothies, snacking
navel orange- kids love them, I squeezed some of the juice into my smoothie
banana- snacks, made banana bread
bicolor corn - boiled and savoured
green pepper- traded in for more corn

Fruit Share:
golden pineapple- I have a pineapple slicer and it is peeled and being chilled in the 'fridge for snacks or smoothies.
blueberry- served as an appetizer to my kids
tangelo- the kids will eat these up

It seems we go through this stuff so fast. I'll need to get more produce soon. I still have grape fruit and lemons, but it does go faster than you would think. I'm saving all my lemon rinds to add to the smoothies with bitter greens.

All my boys have lost weight even David. He was about 45 pounds and now he is 40. He wasn't fat to start with, he does look skinny now. I am so glad to have reduced the junk in their diet. The boys still get plenty of it. It is all around us and John isn't really on board with my meals, so he always has something for them I disapprove of.

As time goes on it gets easier and easier to pass on junk, processed food, and things that don't agree with me. Often if its not good for my health, it doesn't seem appealing. Overall I feel great. I find myself carefully monitoring how much produce I have in the house a planning ahead for where I want to go to restock.


Trish Chibas said...

Good for you! Now that I'm making green smoothies everyday I find myself having to go shopping once a week for more greens. How many green smoothies do you drink a day?

fitncrafty said...

How lucky you are to have all that yummy fresh produce at your disposal! Sounds devine!!

If there was nutrients in snow, I'd be set! otherwise produce is touch and go right now....

Rixa said...

That sounds delicious to have so much fresh, local produce. Hopefully your kids will gradually shift their palates and become aware of how different foods make their bodies feel--from the sickly sweet high you get from too much sugar or junk food, from the deeply satisfying, almost electrifying feeling when you eat something full of delicious fresh food. I have very strong memories of certain dishes I have eaten that felt good all through my body, and I try to remember that when I start to mindlessly eat stuff that doesn't make me feel good (and frankly doesn't even taste that good, really!). We rarely buy any kind of junk food, so that helps too. And of course it's important to let yourself have and enjoy foods that are "treats." From my years of working in France over the summers, I learned to admire how they can eat all sorts of "bad" things (not processed, but rich, sweet, etc) and they stay very healthy because they eat those in small amounts, really enjoy them, and of course eat a lot of really "good" delicious stuff too. Well actually French people probably wouldn't even label their food good or bad; that's very much an American thing. Okay, enough rambling!

Christy ~ Munch75 said...

In regards to the kids, how do you deal with John not being on board with your healthier eating and offering the kids junk?

Alex is only 1, and I'm not the healthiest eater, but for Alex, I try hard to offer him healthier options. My hubby on the other hand tried to give him Captain Crunch the other morning, I scooped him up and went into the other room with him. But there are lots of times when I'm not around.

Any suggestions on how to get hubby on board? I already say "I don't want Alex to be unhealthy and fat like us" but that seems to have little effect ...

Permission to Mother said...

Trish- I drink about 4 cups of smoothie a day. On some days I juice depending on the stuff I have and I may not have the full 4cups.

Carrie- In the Little Woods they made candy out of snow and heated maple syrup. Laura says they could eat all of that kind of candy they wanted (probably comparing it to modern day "candy")Maybe you should look up that recipe and eat away!

tamiofbrooksgroth said...

I've been meaning to write you a love letter for awhile ... love your blog!!! After being behind on my blog reading I came back from vacaton and immersed myself again, and I was so tickled to see that you're drinking green smoothies and posting about all your produce ... I LOVE It!!! I have been doing the same in many forums for awhile after regaining my own health (and releasing 50 pounds of weight) through green smoothies and a diet high in raw foods!

I am part of the blog and would LOVE to feature a guest post by you on it if you would be willing to share your own experience and thoughts?? We would be so honored. You can contact me either via the blog or at tami.greensmoothieblog @

Happy and Blessed 2009 to you and your family!!!

Lily Girl said...

I tried that maple candy trick once when I was a kid (have I mentioned that I *lived* on LIW). It didn't work, I got something closer to maple snow cones. I think it wasn't cold enough where I attempted it.

I also have a suggestion if you'd like. You can use the carrot pulp from juicing in carrot muffins. I add a few tablespoons of the juice as well, but there is definitely plenty of juice left for drinking. Pulp plus juice makes them very orange without food coloring, which might be fun for your boys. I'll work on the recipe and post it soon if you'd like.

And congrats on passing your test!

Permission to Mother said...

I'd love your carrot muffin recipe. If you post it on your blog, I'll get it or you can post here. I am not good at improving baked recipes. I appreciate all the good advice I can get.

I do save the carrot pulp and I usually do find a use for it very quickly in another meal. I'd love another great recipe.

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