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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yeah Jen!

I am so priviliged to be with Jen at her house after the birth of her baby girl this afternoon (another birth I missed) . It is such an honor to see a newborn cuddled up with her mother undisturbed (except for my flash). Jen radiated through her pregnancy and she radiates today.

We saw The Orgasmic Birth movie together and attended a Birthing from Within workshop together. She's done so much more like yoga and hypnobirthing to get ready for this birth and the preparation paid off!

It brought me much happiness to see Dad greet me with a big smile and be at peace with this homebirth.
Photos posted with permission...

Check the top of my blog because I have another baby(!) to post about tonight, too.


Natacha said...

I am crying at the sight!!!
These photos are so precious ...... I am so proud of her!!!!!

Leanna said...

Congratulations to Jen! Home births really make you want to be in that moment of "just had a baby and now breastfeeding". Thanks for giving permission to Denise to post these photos Jen and thanks, Dr. Denise for posting them!

Mama K said...

Denise - Congratulations to your friend Jen. My births were at home, and home births are just so peaceful and gentle. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing this. -k.

Trish Chibas said...

These photos are beautiful and Jen looks like a goddess! I am so proud of her and feel blessed to have her as a friend. Annalia is just as beautiful as her mommy!

mari said...

OMGosh, Jen, if youre reading this, you have the most gorgeous daughter and husband, I cant wait to hear how eerything went,
Denise, as usual, your photographs capture the very essense of birth.

Lauren said...

What a precious and special way to come into the world! I'm so very happy for Jen and her family.

Becky R (photo is me at 16) said...

I love those photos! Congrats to new mom!!! -Becky

Christy ~ Munch75 said...

What an exciting day you had! :) Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing them.

Congrats to Jen & PoseyGirl!

poseygirl said...

That is just awesome!!!

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