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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ideas for my Organic Produce

This is what I am doing or thinking about doing with my Organic produce from this week. I didn't make this last last time when I picked up the produce and I realize how helpful the list is to me to plan and organize and make sure nothing goes to waste.

We got:
broccoli - sauted to mix with quinoa, raw on salad

red leaf lettuce - salad

eggplant -I'd really like to try to bread and fry them to go with the tomatoes. That would be a nice treat. I'd like this mozzarella to go with it. Or maybe I can make these Meatless meatballs. More eggplant info here. Looks like I need more than my share of eggplant....

dandelion greens - these might be full of good nutrition, but the only way I can think to get them down is small amounts in a green smoothie with lots of ripe bananas and strawberries(which I pick at deckerfarms).

curly parsley - I can't use all that we got immediately, so I trimmed the stems and am drying them. I'll toss a little into my meals. If I make the eggplant, I can mix some parsley in with the bread crumb seasoning.

colossal garlic - many things!

carrots - juiced, soup, raw and salads

russet potato- these were great baked. I have potatoes from my last special order and made this No fuss potato soup.

roma tomato- salads, marinated with cucumber

tangelo- juiced

lemon- this is my recipe for lemonade for the boys. I love that they will drink freshly squeezed lemonade or limeade-- no sugar, no additives. In fact they are so used to freshly squeezed, they are starting to notice how store bought is not so tasty. For myself, I prefer a slice of lemon in the water.

granny smith apple- made this raw apple crisp. I reduced the amount of the nuts (since I didn't have enough cashews and replaced it with oat groats.) I like getting in the raw oatmeal.

banana- I made banana bread. All my boys like this.

cucumber- salads

red pepper- John and Scott will eat this in small amounts on salads. Not me. Maybe I'll make this stuff pepper recipe for the boys. Don't tell them its vegan.

Fruit Share:
blueberry -snacks, garnished the boys french toast.
golden pineapple- I have a pineapple slicer. I like to cut it up a chill and eat it as a snack or toss a piece in my smoothie.
honey tangerine -juiced. I am so glad to be able to offer my kids a variety of fresh juice.

apples- I split a case with Lori to snack on and juice.


Mama K said...

Do you eat quinoa raw? Or did I misunderstand? I like you list - it gives me ideas. Thanks for sharing it.

Permission to Mother said...

I boiled the quinoa like I would rice. I rinsed it off first.

I do eat Raw at every meal. Some meals like smoothies or salads are all Raw. If I can find a Raw recipe for my food that sounds appealing and do-able, I like making it that way. It's also been helpful for me to keep Raw desserts around the house like apple crisp and others with ingredients like carob/cocoa/coconut so I can satisfy my sweet tooth. I make popcorn on the stove top also.

Lauren said...

Sounds yummy, Denise! We use lots of parsley in our house. Mostly in salad dressing, in tomato-based sauces, soups, scrambled eggs. I imagine that you could put some in your smoothies, or even juice it. Taboule calls for lots of parsley, too.

I wanted to make that marinated eggplant salad that one of the gals brought to the LLL holiday party, but Mike made parm instead.

I'll check into that apple crisp. Thanks for the ideas!

Permission to Mother said...

Lauren, Any tips on how to get the bread crumbs to stick to the eggplant? I just winged it. I never "fry" anything. I have no sense for how much oil to use in the skillet or temp. It came out tasty considering cheese and seasoning make it tasty, but I can use some tips...

fitncrafty said...

Eggplant yummy... it all sounds so good...
Egg if you use them will get your breading to stick to the eggplant too..
Red Pepper.. yummy... yummy... I eat them like they are apples...

Lauren said...

Gerrie's husband taught us to use the "dry, wet, dry" method of breading. First you dip it in flour, then egg and then breadcrumbs. You can fry them in about 1/4 inch of EVOO.

We also salt the eggplant slices on both sides & let them sit for at least 30 mins before breading them. The salt draws the moisture out and then we rinse them.

Permission to Mother said...

Thanks. I knew to salt, but I will know to bread differently next time.

earthmother said...

Mmmm, fresh organic produce! I'm on a "wait list" for a local CSA this spring. I have my fingers crossed. But, if not, I am sooooo fortunate to have an organic farmer down the road and at least six farm markets nearby.

FYI @Mama K – sprouted quinoa is raw and fabulous! Give it a try. You won't want to eat cooked again.

Permission to Mother said...

Earthmother I love your blog. Please tell us more about sprouted Quinoa particularly how long to sprout it for. If you have posted about this before, you can just refresh my memory with the URL to the post.

I am making the waldrof salad from your blog today!

earthmother said...

I know I posted about sprouted beans not too long ago. I'll have to do one on sprouting grains with some yummy recipes too.

Quinoa is a super easy grain for beginners. It sprouts incredibly fast. Within 12-18 hours, you'll have sprouts. Living food!

LOVE that you're making the Waldorf today. Enjoy!

The Cooking Lady said...

Two things you can do with your parsley.

1) Tabbouleh, I think I posted that recipe, but if not I will for sure.
2) Juice with it, we do and oh my stars, it is awesome.

I love being a vegetarian.

Permission to Mother said...

Lauren, I followed the dry-wet-dry method of breading for the eggplant. It came out much better. Compared to how I am eating these days, its really greasy. Boy it soaks up the Olive oil quickly. I might need to keep experimenting with eggplant!

Lauren said...

That eggplant recipe I made from the Moosewood Cookbook is good. Also, you can try that eggplant recipe that S brought to the LLL holiday party....

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