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Friday, February 6, 2009

Super Tramp's Viewpoint

Hey Super Tramp,
I responded to your 3 star viewpoint on amazon. I wish you sucess in mothering.

Here is my reply... (scroll down a bit)


Becky R said...

Interesting, but we all will face opposition.

People in my life question my choice as a single mom to homeschool.

And 90% of those I know think my frugal lifestyle especially the all cloth choices in my home (including toilet paper) is just plain crazy. But I don't mind any of it.

I think your book has helped many people and I think that you need to keep writing.

Thanks for your book & your blog!!!

Leigh said...

I loved your thoughtful and (extremely gracious) response to Super Tramp. It saddens me so much when people like her feel threatened or judged by those of us who simply aim to educate, enlighten, and fight for the right of every woman to have choices in childbirth and child rearing. I also feel incredibly indignant when things like home birth, cloth-diapering, cosleeping, breastfeeding, homeschooling, etc. are deemed to be only feasible for the economically well-off, or a kind of intolerable, shi shi, yuppie-type of family. You did a great job of pointing out the fallacy of that line of thinking. Keep on keeping on!

Kristen's Raw said...

I loved your detailed response on Amazon. It's inspiring to see those choices we have.

Healthy regards,

Natacha said...

She was real insolent! I thought your response was full of eloquence though ;)

Jane Martin said...

Here is why I Love “Permission to Mother” and Dr. Denise Punger:

Your book, blog and health care practice give me PERMISSION, ENCOURAGEMENT AND AUTHORITY to feed my child mother’s milk from infancy to toddler years and beyond if I choose to do so. Thank you for giving me a stress-free reply to all the family members, friends and total strangers who feel compelled to offer advice on what I SHOULD be feeding MY child….. "Thanks but my family doctor says breastfeeding is best!”

You embrace, celebrate and educate women and their children. What’s not to Love? Thank you with all my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day.
Jane Martin

Permission to Mother said...

I appreciate all your responses here. It lets me know that I made my point WELL. It goes as no surprise that I would eventually get feedback like the Tramp's because, I do frequently ask for feedback. I just never expected that such snobby review would give me the opportunity to re-iterate and furthur expound on the points I need to make... And that I am really glad to have had the opportunity for.

As far as Tramp's veiwpoint goes, she really was specific and I really do believe she is someone looking to raise her kids the best she can. Otherwise she wouldn't have found my book (or given it).

She's the only reviewer that didn't use a real name, location, or signature, hmmm...

I also thought that replying to her comment was a really good opportunity to let other potential readers and reviewers know that I do read and care about all the feedback!

Tammie said...

Great, Great, reply! Again why isn't there one of you in every town?

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