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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bulk Buying

Besides the South Florida Organic Produce Buying Group where I get my fresh organic produce, I am part of another co-op for bulk buying, Breadbeckers. Several other blog followers are part of this group: Red, Allana, Misty, & Crispy (anyone else?). I am thinking they were initially attracted to the supplies to make freshly milled bread. I haven't yet made it a priority to do make bread from fresh milled.

I enjoy the bulk pantry products. Yesterday was pick-up day. The pick-up is quarterly. This is my second time. Some of the products I got between both pick-ups are Raw Agave by the gallon, pop corn kernels , organic sunflower seeds, flax seeds, quinoa (I am sprouting some tonight!), long grain brown rice, instant refried beans (these are flattened pinto beans that just take a few minutes to cook), 16 bean mix, Real Salt (very tasty), garbanzo beans, white beans, spelt pasta.

I like that I can get some products that wouldn't be available to me otherwise like the spelt pasta(no more enriched flour pasta for me!), the refried beans, organic sunflower seeds, the 16 bean mix. I love that bulk buying cuts down on my time spent in in the local grocery store. Between both co-ops and the farmer's market I am not in the grocery store nearly as much. I like the bulk prices and the convenience of not running out of grains. I like supporting a regionally owned, homeschooling family's business and purchasing so much less from the big international distributors who don't care about ingredients they add to my food.

Many of you have heard me mention this bulk buying group and the purpose of this post is to share the co-op link. If you are local and want to place an order for the May share contact Lori. They distribute around Florida, Georgia, Tennessee (and there may be more so check out there website).

Get this. Mark John's words. He said that he was glad I was stocking up on dry goods because if the economy gets worse or for some reason it is hard to get food, we would be set. For once, LoL, John is in on board!!! Little does he know is how fast we go through food, I haven't really stocked up. But next time with his support I won't hesitate to get more because I have the same concern as him about the economy and stability.


Hot Belly Mama said...

FYI - I am giving away a free bumgenius 3.0 diaper to celebrate my birthday! Check out my blog for details!

Love... Hot Belly Mama

crispy said...

I am now going to be part a different breadbeckers co-op. Same thing just a farther north group. I love their brown rice. It is fantastic. And I also get my real salt from them too. Not to mention all my grain. =)

Lily Girl said...

I buy many of my dry goods in bulk (although not from a co-op, wish I had one) because 1) it is so much less expensive to buy 25lbs of beans at once rather than a pound or two at at time and 2) because I don't want to be stuck if a disaster strikes or food prices skyrocket.
Even if you completely disagree with their religious views, all of us could learn a lot from the LDS church. Most emergency managers will tell you that Mormons are generally the most well-prepared members of their community. If anyone needs information on storing food from bulk buys there are many excellent resources to be found between LDS and survivalist websites. You don't have to necessarily agree with their viewpoints to learn from them!

Misty said...

I have been out of grain for a couple of weeks so we had store bought bread. I am under orders to make bread today or I am "fired!" :-) So, my mill is grinding and some great Honey Wheat Bread coming up!

Orlando Realtor said...

The brown rice sounds especially good to me...something I use all the time. I guess our roles have changed. Next time I visit you I will shop your pantry, like you used to do at mine. But I will bring my own bags.

I guess if you wait long enough everything does come full circle.

Tammie said...

Yep buying bulk is about all I do these days! It is a great idea to stock up cause well you never know. But I hear you about going through it so fast! Especially when there are growing boys around.

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