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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Follow ups from my previous food post...

A few updates from my last food post:

My sister posted a definition of organic on her blog to help answer my question about pasteurization in response to my previous veggie post. Bottled organic certified juices are pasteurized. From what I can tell fresh organic produce is not pasteurized.

Most of the produce we get in our shares is from the USA with the exceptions made below. I didn't check this time to see how much it is from Florida.

I've had lots of readers tell me in person tell me how much they like checking in on my ideas for this produce. I'm glad for the feedback because I keep posting this list for me because it holds me accountable. To me it seems like it would be boring and redundant for readers. I can, also, go back to the list and see what I still have left to use up. As I keep a record, it helps me retrieve recipes I liked.

People often ask me how I get it all done. I'd have to say I am very busy. I have little down time lately. Eating nutritiously helps my energy, my stress levels, and keeps me from having hunger pangs and lows.

This selection of produce made a good batch of Tam's Lentil soup. I don't make bread bowls, but added a little brown rice and most of the boys liked it. Earthmother must have been reading my mind. She posted a Raw cabbage and apple salad recipe today. It was great. My husband was quiet the whole time he was eating. Thanks Earthmother. If you have any new Sprouted Quinoa ideas, I am stocked up on Quinoa and would love the ideas.

We got:

green cabbage
broccoli crowns
green kale
colossal garlic (from China-yikes, the explanation as to why it has to come from so far was that after trying US organic garlic the Chinese garlic was better. :/ Unfortunately, I never can find other fresh garlic that looks descent. )
romaine lettuce
yukon gold potato
eggplant (Mexico)
white onion
pink lady apple
white grapefruit -- juiced
blood orange- These were PURPLE on the inside. It caught me of guard! I juiced them. I used to think juicing citrus was like a cop out. My citrus juicer is used daily. I love drinking juicy oranges. Through this co-op we get stuff that would be really hard to get otherwise.

Fruit Share:
strawberry - I did pick strawberries at Decker last week. Since we had plenty of strawberries all week, this batch didn't disappear in a minute. To make it last longer I sliced them with bananas each time. The boys said this counted as fruit salad with their meal in order to avoid "green salad."
golden pineapple
honey tangerine - they have many seeds, so I'll be juicing them


Lauren said...

Mike loved the blood oranges and was excited to see them. He ate them a lot when he lived in Switzerland.

We've gone through a lot of our produce already. I'll check out EM's recipe as we still have 1/2 head of cabbage left.

Have you juiced your broccoli?

fitncrafty said...

I have to check out that cabbage recipe.. Our fresh produce is coming soon!!
I love blood oranges too... they are delicious.. I bought some oranges a few weeks ago in a bag.. they were miss labeled and were blood oranges.. YUM.. it was my lucky day..

Lily Girl said...

That's one of the things I appreciate about my CSA, everything they don't source from their own farm they get locally. It has helped me learn what grows when around here (in SoCal it can be a little difficult to know since we don't have easily delinated seasons). Plus then I don't worry about eating it; even though I have some things that come from outside the US, I am warry arout eating foreign produce.

I love blood oranges - they make a beautiful vinegarette!

Permission to Mother said...

I haven't juiced broccoli. We go through it fast enough. :) Have eyou juiced it?

Tammie said...

MmmmMmm you are making me hungry! It all sounds so good! And brown rice in the soup what a great idea!

Lauren said...

Not yet, but I'm tempted.

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