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Friday, March 27, 2009

One year Round-up of Permission to Mother (and give-away)

Well... actually PTM has been published 13 1/2 months. I was just too pre-occupied with other things at the one year mark to celebrate.

People ask me all the time, "How's the book going?"Being an author is definitely like having a ticket to be invited to conferences and meetings... to be invited to speak. I am honored. My speaking schedule could be full. Fortunately I am needed at home and office. Close to home is where I want to be for now. If space opens in my schedule when the boys get older or when our Nurse Practitioner is settled, perhaps I can agree to take some of this on. Recent formal or informal invites included a birth conference in S. California, a Midwifery School and Chiropractor School in Florida, a few Radio shows, one local (a nutrition store) and one via Internet, the other local nutrition store and the finally the Florida Lactation Consultants Association said I'd be invited back. Conferences is one of the traditional ways authors get the word out about their book.

I suppose if I am getting more requests via the book than I can handle, the book is doing good!

I also get invites to write a quote or review for a new book. One of my quotes is on the back cover of a new doula book, Being Born-- The Doula's Role. The photo on page 112 of my book was used as inspiration for an illustration in that book. I have an endorsement for another new children's book about breastfeeding from the same publisher not yet published. Also, I am suppose to be writing a foreword for a nutrition book. I can't seem to finish it. I really want to do this project.

Permission to Mother is on the waiting list to be discussed in the Trust birth, Childbirth reading room on yahoo groups.

But really the MOST meaningful results from the book is feedback from new and expecting mothers that my book made them think and learn. To help new mothers overcome obstacles was the purpose of writing the book in the first place. I like knowing that the book has accomplished this purpose. There is a zillion NY Times Bestseller books (and other classics) on birth, breastfeeding, and mothering out there. Many of those books don't reach my local population of mothers in time. So I like that my book can be the lead in.

I like... okay-- I love when I get a new patient who has already read my book and because she likes what she has read comes in with her concerns. I like growing a practice of well-informed families and healthy breastfed babies. In this respect the book has been very successful.

One other area that I have received pleasant feedback and I didn't necessarily write with that intention is how it's motivated professionals to pursue lactation or change the way they practice. I recently received an email form a S.C. pediatrician who thanked me for what I wrote on tongue-tie and wanted more info. And at the last conference I went to, a new Nurse Practitioner asked me how I approach well-baby care on a baby born at home. She was trained to do follow-up on hospital births (per the standard), but not homebirths. I just think that is so cool to have an ARNP receptive and knowledgeable to accepting babies following homebirth because of what I wrote and said. Several other physicians and providers have contacted me to notify me of similar types of encouragement they received.

Considering that my book is self-published, is available only on-line, and I am responsible for the marketing, and that I am super busy, my book has done more than I imagined. Since I do all of the promoting in my limited spare time, I do appreciate the little ways you all have spread the word to other mothers, professionals, and educators, via word-of-mouth, blog, blogroll, networking site, being a follower, shelfari and other favorite book lists. I just want to reach these mothers in time and I appreciate your assistance with outreach.

Did you know Permission to Mother has been approved by La Leche League International and recently added to the reading list for MaternityWise Postpartum Doula Training! PTM has 46 reviews on amazon and a 36 member fan club on facebook. Yeah! These are great ways to reach new families and caretakers.

I also challenge you now if you have read it a year ago and now are planning your birth or healing from a birth, read it again. If you have reached another phase of breastfeeding, like working, tandem nursing, or extended breastfeeding go through it again considering your new perspective. I just have a feeling there is more to get out of my book. Please let me know if that's the case.

Finally--the give-away-- Tanya at The Motherwear Blog is having a give-away. Here is a chance to win a free copy.

Thanks for all your support!


fitncrafty said...

This is awesome!!! Congrats on such a great success.. You deserve it!!

Orlando Realtor said...

"Recent formal or informal invites included a birth conference in S. California, a few Radio shows"

Denise, if you accept the speaking offer in S. California don't forget that you need to bring along your assistant! Or at minimum, if you go on the radio, remember to mention that your assistant/marketing director/mother happens to be the best Realtor that Florida has to offer.

Permission to Mother said...

Thanks, I am glad to know I have an assistant when the time comes. :)

Becky R said...

I give your book as a baby gift to expectant friends. I have given away 3 (including the free copy I won.)

earthmother said...

Happy Blogversary! And, Congratulations on the wild success of your book. You are an inspiration to many.

I'm working on some sprouted quinoa recipes for you. Stay tuned...

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