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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Question About Pasteurization (and my produce share)

Last Thursday we got:
red kale- I sealed it in an air tight container and will take out a few leaves at a time for my smoothies.

broccoli crowns- breaking off pieces for my salad. Gently and minimally steamed to go with macaroni and quinoa.

romaine lettuce-sealed in air tight container for salads and wraps. I had a hard time for a while deciding how to store lettuce. Wash first and bag? Do nothing? or Wash as I go? I like washing it as I go when it's kept air tight. I find it lasts a long time

garnett sweet potatoes-not sure yet what I'll do, but they look good!!

baby bok choy- I am storing them with my lettuce and will add to salad and smoothies. The stalk is a crunchy delight in salads. The leaves mix up well with lettuce to give variety.

red pepper- traded with Karen for extra oranges.

celery root (celeriac)- I use where I would use celery. When I dice it and put in soup, my family thinks its potatoes.

yellow ginger-tea... carrot-ginger salad... lots of uses. yum.

white mushroom - I kept one this time so John can use it on his steak with onions. I am trying to increase veggies/reduce meat approach... probably a futile effort.

bosc pear- Mine needed to be ripened in a brown bag. Then I juiced them with apples. This is a treat.

ruby grapefruit- juice first thing in AM.

valencia orange- snacks for the boys.

fuji apple - snacks

banana- snacks

roma tomato- salads, oh I diced one for guacamole.

Fruit Share:
temple orange-these are great for juicing
golden pineapple-I will slice it up and snack on the refrigerated O's
strawberry-never made it to the the 'fridge. William ate most right away and shared with Scott and David. I snatched one or two. Decker farms is having a sale on strawberries THIS week. I might have to make it out for more... sooooo much to do... so little time...

Question: This past week, the office received an appreciated and sweet crate of conventional (not organic) mangoes. I noticed on the crate the label said the mangoes are heat treated. I looked it up on the search engine and sure enough mangoes from Mexico are pasteurized before they come here. So that means they are not Raw. The living enzymes have been killed. It really go me thinking, how much other fruit/produce is pasteurized before it gets to me. Do I think I am having Raw and I am not? Does "organic" guarantee its not heat treated? I am pretty certain that organic means it's not genetically modified, but does it guarantee its Raw? I sure would appreciate the collective wisdom of my readers and friends. Thanks!

I am very grateful for the mangoes. Much better than chain store donuts which we usually get and I never EVER touch (or would I want to). I just want to know that if I think I am eating fresh fruit am I really?


Tammie said...

Hummm makes one wonder doesn't it! Very good questions! I think that is why it is so much better if you can grow as much of your own food as possible or at least shop at your local farmers market. I don't see mangoes though at my local farmers market! ;)

Becky R said...

all that stuff sounds yummy.
I got as a gift some of those green salad bags and they work great at making lettuce last long. I buy, then put in bag, then wash as I use it.

earthmother said...

It's disgusting, isn't it? Plus, the heat prevents the fruit from ripening any further so you're going to eat a pretty crummy tasting mango. Blah.

I make a point of never consuming food shipped in from out of the country.

Florida produces the most mangoes here in the U.S., but even then, they still have to travel thousands of miles to get to my table.

Any way you look at it, buying local organic leaves the smallest footprint on Mama Earth.

~n~ said...

That's a VERY good question about which foods come heat-treated. Does heat-treated mean irradiated or does it mean pasteurized? Either way, the living enzymes would no longer be alive. It's so important to know where our food comes from and what's happening to it on the way to our plates!!

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