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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Writing Trends in Being a Mother

One of the interesting observations about writing and journaling is for me to look back and see trends in what I write about and where I am at with it all.

My first writings started with my birth stories and that overlapped with my breastfeeding entries. As the practice, Coquelet & Punger started, I began to add birth and bf stories from within in my practice (and I will continue to look out for unique successes to share). As each woman shared their birth stories with me it gave me new perspective and insight to my own births and more details were added to the original birth stories I wrote. It seemed hard for me to move on to "new" topics. Like perhaps I hadn't finished processing my birth and breastfeeding. Getting Permission to Mother finalized and submitted was in a way bringing closure and moving on.

Then I found blogspot and started writing frequent daily entries. I knew ahead of time when I submitted the manuscript to the printers my next focus was going to be my own health and nutrition. Getting the book done was time consuming and sedentary. I planned to get moving when I was freed up. I have shared my nutrition journey starting with my first sugar elimination post, finding replacement foods, to my current schedule of receiving organic produce shares and what I do with it all. For awhile I thought I should put all that on a separate food blog, but I don't think I'd want to keep up with two blog. Plus nutrition (and kids) is not so off-topic to the original purpose of the blog.

Little did I know I would make a lot adjustments in my homeschool approach this year as the boys mature and reveal their individuality. There is so much happening (and learning going on) around here I can barely process it myself. But I will be writing more and cluttering up my blog about what we are doing.

I look back at what I have written on birth and breastfeeding and feel satisfied with my experiences and how I've been able to share them with you. My book has been out for 13 months!! Sure, I can get feedback from big organizations, but my favorite feedback is from the moms and how my story helps them.

I feel experienced (as opposed to saying old). I look at moms struggling with young ones, lack of sleep, strollers, and I know I am in the next stage. When did that stage end? I use to struggle with getting out for a fast walk by myself. Now, I share activities with the boys like cycling and swimming. Would you believe it, I took all of the boys (John included) to the basketball court for activity. That was so much fun, that the next day we teamed up at the tennis court. I haven't been on a tennis court for 20 years! I could actually serve a ball (my right forearm is sore today)!

The baby stage is just a memory (almost--you know what I mean?). My exercise will be with them and not a separate hour I have to put aside. Now that they are all big enough to be on the "team" we will be making lots new memories! Motherhood is so much fun. I am going to enjoy this phase!


Trish Chibas said...

hmmmm... maybe a new book?

Becky R said...

I so miss the cuddley baby stage. But I love riding bikes outside wit my boys ages 11 & almost 6. I also love sleeping in while they watch tv on Sat. morning. Not having to get up and make sure they are not climbing the curtains or something. lol!

Blend said...

Quite interesting......

The Cooking Lady said...

I truthfully never liked the baby stage. From birth to 1 year was my least favorite. that is not to say I dreaded my children, but once they took flight, I was totally in love.

The toddler years, to me anyhow, is the best. they are innocent and 100% honest. They do not know how to lie, so if someone has hair like a clown, then it gets spilled out, or if someone is big like an elephant then that comes out as well. Got to love the teaching of manners stage?!

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