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Sunday, April 19, 2009

100% Raw Vegan Nutrition Today

I once decided if John and the boys went out of town without me, what I would. I've contemplated that I would take that opportunity to do a 100% Raw Vegan diet for at least one of those days.

Well, he spontaneously headed out with David and a buddy this morning and W & S were occupied for a few hours outside the house this morning. Without the constant responsibility of being a short order cook, I figured today was as good as any day to make this "Raw day." Not to mention, that before I realized it, Lori gave me her two shares worth of Dandelion Greens last Thursday. I've got a lot of greens that need to be used up.

When I juice (not the citrus juicer) I usually make it more fruity with apples and pears. The other day I made "plant blood" as Kristen calls it: bok chow, celery, apple... something like that. I drank 12 ounces of it. The taste was like a shot of wheat grass, only this was not just a shot. It was a lot.

Today I had this:

2 1/2 cups of plant blood with some of those dandelion* leaves, 2 apples, cucumber and celery. The taste was gagging.

4 cups of smoothie with strawberries, banana, dates, lacuma powder, lemon peel.

A BIG handful of organic raw sunflower seeds. (If I was calorie counting this would have blown it.)

Teriyaki Almonds (per GSG youtube recipe).

Cut up raw veggies, cucumber, carrots, daikon radish, yellow squash

Carob nibs. These are great for some Raw desserts, but it's another taste you have to get used too.

Marinated Asparagus on a large bed of Arugula. This was really good!


Freshly Squeezed orange juice.

I swam for 40 minutes this morning without kids, and Scott and I cycled a few miles this evening.

So how do I feel after a day without cooked food? A little hungry but "my blood feels Clean." My mind feels clear and sharp. My diet is fairly meticulous, but I can still feel a difference as far as being detoxified goes. None of this was really the kind of food you sit around and enjoy with friends and family. I idealize this kind of eating. But it doesn't really make it conducive to being around people at meal time in the long term.

I've got a Raw vibrant oatmeal** breakfast planned for the morning using my own sprouted almond milk. If I have time to make a smoothie I'll be good for the workday. Whether I want it or not, I have a ton of dandelion and I might as well do something with it tomorrow. I really didn't plan to do all this, but it looks like I'll be keeping my blood clean for a few more hours.

I am at a plateau as far as weightloss goes. I've plateaued for a year, so I'd like to do something that's healthy that gets me passed this. I am not always vegetarian (but very, very close) and have been trying many vegan and Raw recipes.

* The highlighted veggies are from our co-op.

**From A Celebration of Wellness by James Levin MD and Natalie Cederquist


Kristen's Raw said...

Oohhh Dandelion - that can be HARSH and VERY BITTER. I usually cringe at the thought of it, but it's so good for you. I have to really sweeten up the juice with apples (and/or carrots) in order to want to drink it.

Love the Raw day! Congrats!!!


Tammie said...

How great! I love to have raw days!

Lauren said...

How nice to have some time in the kitchen to do as you please. Oh the things I would do...

I really like putting zucchini in my green smoothies now. I've put an entire zucchini in and can't tell that it's there. One less veggie in the share that I have to prepare.

I mixed the dandelion in w/ spinach and bok choy and tons of fruit for dinner. Not bad...

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