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Friday, April 17, 2009

A Wonderful Place to Raise Boys

I wrote about our house hunting experiences a few weeks ago. I think we've narrowed it down.
I've never had a backyard.
And now I will a little one. :)
(When we close.)These first two photos are from the listing.
William is pointing to one of many "baby" mangoes on this tree that are waiting for closing day to ripen. You can see he is as excited as I am to have a fruit tree on the property.

There is plenty of room to do our own stuff outside.

I love this bonus room. We looked at this house several years ago. This room was part of the huge garage. John and I both thought that part of the garage needed to be converted. At that time it didn't have a pool either. The sellers did a good job adding what we thought the house needed.

Now, I am standing in the bonus room and William is waving to me from the kitchen. This little window will ease my job as a short order cook. I can take requests while they are playing and just pass it through the window. Hmmm... I wonder if dirty dishes will get returned this way or if I'll have to come around to collect them.

Another part of the garage was converted into a bedroom

that will make a great school room.
This should be a great house for maturing boys
Appreciating the outdoors.


Jennifer said...

This looks exactly like a Florida house. Even if I had no idea where you lived, I would have guessed Florida as soon as I saw those pictures.

It has many great qualities, but I especially like the back patio and the angled-wood flooring.

Trish Chibas said...

What a BEAUTIFUL house! When is your closing? I love it!

crispy said...

Looks good. Just what you need. Hope it all works out.

fitncrafty said...

It does look really beautiful. I am excited and happy for you. I know that you will love having a pool and a school room!

Good luck I hope it all goes smoothly from here.

Oh, I am hoping that the dishes get brought back through the 'drive up' window for you. Can't wait to see photos of your and your family in it... Will you overnight me some mangos?? Please..

Christy said...

I'm so excited for you! :) You'll be able to plant, compost and anything else without worrying about the "rules"! Love it! Congrats!

Lauren said...

Great house, Denise! Have fun fixing it up to suit your needs. Just think- you'll have your own veggie garden this fall!

The Cooking Lady said...

Two things.

1) I will come over and cook with you for as long as you need me.

2) I just had a dream about you and "a" house. I have never dreamed about you before, but who knew.

Wicked cool.

Becky R said...

awesome. when is the pool party? lol

Wife to the Rockstar said...

OOOH. Looks like a GREAT house.

I miss you so much!!!!!

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