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Friday, April 10, 2009

Produce Pick-up Day

One of the things I like about being in the produce co-op is the camaraderie and exchange of ideas. When we pick up our produce sometimes I hang out and socialize. Its the few rare minutes every other week I get to just relax and chat. Lately it seems I don't have time to linger or relax at all. I am between running the boys to drum lessons and karate. I want to... I have to... finish the boy's (especially Scott's tedious tutoring) lesson plans for the day before I head out to pick up my stuff. Of course I am eager to get home and make a meal out of all the new goodies. I wish I could hang out all day.....

Gerrie gets the photo credit and this photo links to our yahoogroup where we exchange more ideas. Our produce shares are in bags around the room and we get to individualize our share by picking about 5 items on the shelf and window or trading for something we can't use. Isn't Gerrie's daughter adorable?

We got:
green beans- 1) chop and add to salads 2) side dish
collards- all be going into smoothies
carrots- 1) salads 2) split pea soup 3) munching
green leaf lettuce - I got tons of lettuce and eating a large salad daily
russet potatoes - good for baking.
zucchini - Some version of these crisps
grape tomatoes - salads
red jumbo onions - salads and lots of other things
fresh mint - 1) this raw mint dessert 2) and a version of this Fattoush Salad 3) Add mint(press with spoon to release juices), lemon and lime to ice water for a refreshing drink
eggplant - My husband love this-- I thinly sliced the eggplant. Seasoned with EVOO, s &p, sauteed lightly. Then I put it in the oven with a layer of tomato sliced, mozzarella and fresh basil until cheese melted
red peppers- I don't care much for these. I did eagerly make Kristen's Hemp Dressing and I chopped the rest up adding a piece or two to salads. Hmmm, still not that crazy aout them.
blood oranges - these juice and mix well with the juiced grapefruits for a colorful and refreshing treat.
ruby grapefruit
bananas - snacks and smoothies
braeburn apple - snacks and smoothies

Fruit Share: strawberries, temple oranges and golden pineapple (snacks and smoothies).


fitncrafty said...

I have to try that eggplant you mentioned I just picked some up yesterday. I have some zuchinni too.. those crisps sound good..

I tried to enlarge your photo but it took me to yahoo groups.. oh well.. You look good, I wanted to see the photo better!

Permission to Mother said...

I like this photo better than the view on the horse. I wouldn't have been able to get Scott to stand above me to flatter me.

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