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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Twilight Saga

Anticipating the teenage years of my handsome sons is a stressor.
I've been warned about the phone ringing and hours on myspace.
I've been warned about too much runescape, xbox, and World of War.

It use to be all you had to worry about was
birth control
and pregnancy.
Now there's STD's

and HIV.

Then there's tobacco

driving under the influence

and hurting someone while under the influence.

Now thanks to Twilight Saga
I'm aware of sneaky vampire girls.
But it's too late.

He's been bitten....
It's not what I had in mind for his future and our family.


Lauren said...

Eeek! Quick Denise, grab your organic garlic!!!

Permission to Mother said...

Laughing... any organic veggie will make this vampire stay away...

Lauren said...

Well then, save the garlic and use the dandelion greens instead!!!

Becky R said...

how cute. yes the adolescent and teen years, what fun.

The Cooking Lady said...

I have a 20 year old son with autism and a 15&1/2 year old. If I had to give one piece of advice to parent entering the teen years it would be this.

Talk 'with' your children, not to them. They will listen and be honest. they can spot fakeness a mile away. And if you don't know thee answer, tell them that as well. they need to see that you are just a human as they are.

I remember years ago I was watching a show about parenting. And a woman stood up and told the speaker that she would never apologize or say she was sorry to her children. Why not? Are we perfect? I think not. I apologize ALL the time to my children. How can you expect soemthing form your children that they never see coming form you.

Wow, my comment turned into a mini-post.

Permission to Mother said...

Your minipost is interesting because in reply to this someone asked me about books for teaching the birds and bees. ( I have posted on my blog about this before). The more I thought about it, the most important "books" I could think of were books to keep my communication skills with my kids sharp. These kind of books emphasize talking with and not to your kids.

Allana Martian said...

LOL!!! Very funny....not the ending I anticipated!

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