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Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Updates

  • I am so grateful to have Mary's (that's Mary with David) and Nate's help week after week with the boys and chores as I do all my juggling. My boys adore Mary and Nate.
  • We closed on the new house. Now we have some updating and repairs to complete before we plan an exact moving date.

  • The Dandelion greens are all gone and I must admit they were good for me. I feel good. I might actually miss them. NOT.

  • The bananas and Honest Kids juice pouches went over very well at the Temple (which is notorious for very poor food choices). The Rabbi usually says a blessing before snack time. This time he got to say a blessing for the fruit. In the four years we attend ended this was something new for snack time. He even got the kids to put all the peels in a box for me and they went to my compost.

  • My compost is bottomless, hmmm, I must get it to the new house....

  • William and Scott got their awards for perfect Hebrew School attendance. Personally, I think parents should get that award for being disciplined to bring them week after week.

  • The boys got their party clothes picked out for the upcoming Bar Mitzvah party and that's a big huge relief to me that that's done. They are proud of being able to look nice.

  • Scott started syllable division in his reading lesson. He's learned a lot with the other levels in Barton Reading program. Prior to Barton he may have been able to read and/ or guess one syllable words, but we are clearly in new territory, now. He caught on quickly and he already anticipated the next lesson. Scott had a little buddy come over this week. His friend wrote down hid dad's name and number for me. He wrote down, "Brain." Hello! I told his dad about the book, Brian, I read, and about Scott's reading program and Dad Brain is so appreciative to have some ammunition to speak to the school about his son. He's suspected it and everyone around has been in denial. I am finding out how common dyslexia is. And it's really interesting how people have coped with it. I am also realizing dyslexia is not just about reading, but affects so much more... but I'll save that for another time.

  • Some of you met, Sarah, the FAU nurse practitioner student I worked with in the Fall. It's taken this whole time for her to take her boards, get results, and all her official paper work. She has officially joined our practice as a nurse practitioner. John will have her help. I'll have coverage on Thursday. John and I may even get to take time off TOGETHER!


pearly1979 said...
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fitncrafty said...

That was a lot to digest in one post. (see I still can get away from nutrition)

It's all so good though.. good for you and the boys and the new house...

This is the first time I have seen what Mary looks like... and I am certain that Nate has changed since I saw him last...

Permission to Mother said...


There's a recent photo of N. on the blog. I linked to it in this post.

I'll have to see if I have other photos of Mary.
I bet she'll be surprised when she sees herself up there!

Orlando Realtor said...

There is alot of stuff in this post.

I can't wait to see the boy's dress up clothes.

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