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Friday, May 22, 2009

House Updates and School Goals for the Next 15 Months

1. Renovate the new house- I am not sure I realized that we were going to renovate when we were looking at houses and made the purchase. I knew nothing about renovating. For the most part I thought you just had to accept what you got, so you better like it. (Those shiny, impractical cabinets and angel fish in the masterbath are so not my style. It gives you an idea of why we are updating.) So many great ideas and possibilities have come my way. Steve Rubin, Rubin Custom Homes, LLC is going to take me and John through the process. Many of you know Steve through his wife Alanna, one of our midwifes. He makes it seem like renovating is like a 25 piece kids jigsaw puzzle. He can fix anything. He says the project will take about 4 months. We are fortunate that we don't have to live there while we are doing this.

2. William- Finish his 6th grade virtual school math and than begin 7th grade language arts this summer. I can't handle managing a multiple course load. I prefer for now he focuses on one class at a time, but at a advanced pace. At the end of the year all classes completed just not simultaneously.

3. Scott- Get him through the Barton Reading levels. I haven't been very good at a 2nd curriculum with him either. I suppose at some point we will formally start math. We read a wide variety of topics. Most recently we have read about sugar gliders, a marsupial, that can be a pet. He has his CD's from the library he's listening to on his own. (Did I mention, dyslexia runs on both sides of our intermediate family? I just found this out when Scott shared his reading program with his UNCLES this week.)

4. David- I have no plans for formal curriculum for him. I don't think I can handle more explicit lessons right now. (PLEASE be a natural reader.)

All the boys work on Handwriting Without Tears a little every now and then. We don't plan to take an official summer break for school. We fool around all year way too much. I don't see what a break would accomplish. For the most part, this school year didn't start till January when I got through with my exams.

5. I am considering timing for Bar Mitzvah training and the ceremony for William and Scott. I really like that the boys can train together. I like they can have their tutoring while I am at work rather than me first hauling them off in the evening. I can get Scott nearly caught up in reading before this next intense training comes along. While I am not sure he will be a fast reader, he should be reading. I like that with having a double ceremony, Scott ( a little before he's 13 years old) will actually be AHEAD in one area of his life. William is ready and the right age for training, I don't want to put it off too long. The boys black belt exam will come early in 2010. With so many goals reached at a similar time: black belt, bar mitzvah, reading, we may be free to move on to other things.

6. My IBCLC recert exam is next July. If I get all of the above done, I won't know what to do with myself afterwards.
7. I hope to have good quality family time. It's easy to forget to have fun and relax with so much going on. John rounds at the hospital each day this weekend, but glad for a holiday weekend.

1 comment:

Becky R said...

wow. that is great that you know what you are doing for next year! I am still trying to get through this year. we are not taking a summer break as we take mini breaks all the time.

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