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Friday, May 8, 2009

Spring Fruit Share

We got:

green beans - still haven't used yet. I gave some to my mother. I also gave her some daikon radish from the last share. Half my radish share was more than enough radish for me.

red cabbage- sliced thinly for colorful salads

carrots - I've been juicing them

cucumber - for salad

green kale - mine is gone after the first week. juiced all of it for me and John.

romaine lettuce - This is almost gone too. I've made lots of big salads this week.

green peppers- switched with Lisa for her green beans.

russet potatoes - leek and potato soup

yellow squash - probably will make zucchini crisps which the boys will finish off.

zucchini - will use to make zucchini crisps as I have with the past few shares of zucchini. I don't follow the exact recipe. I dip the sliced zucchini in flour, then egg, the Parmesan, then bake.

white grapefruit- juiced with oranges

valencia oranges- juiced with grape fruit

tommy atkins mangoes - John's favorite fruit. I like it in smoothies.

bananas - these get used quickly for snacks and smoothies. I made banana bread this week.

yellow peaches - delicious and perfectly ripe. My mother diced and put peaches on our salads.

leeks - potato and leek soup

Fruit share:
golden pineapple - I can certainly taste and feel" a difference between canned and fresh organic pineapple (the same for peaches). I don't want canned anymore. The tops of my pineapples are going into the ground at the new house. Hopefully they will grow. Did you know the next town over, Jensen Beach, is the pineapple capital? The soil here is just right for pineapple. When I tell my patients to eat fruit, I have to be careful that I emphasize FRESH fruit. How many times have I had someone tell me they eat fruit cocktail and canned peaches and they "think" they are getting the fruit benefits.

strawberries - yummy snacks. William loves these.

kiwi- snacks of course! I'll have to try some in my salad. Doing this list makes me think of what I have left to use. It also keeps me accountable to make sure I use everything and see what I need to stock up on in the opposite week.

Extra produce our group ordered- Asparagus, which I mostly marinated. I divided a few peices for salad. I've had delicious salads this week!

My photo above was breakfast. I juiced a few apples with this. John and I each had about 2 cups of fresh juice. And yes, I can tell a difference between what I freshly squeeze compared to the grocery store juice.

I wonder why weight loss doesn't come easier to me since I am so meticulous. It doesn't come easy, but my dress size is one size smaller than last May (the scale hasn't changed). Is it going to take a year to notice another dress size loss?

It's been a long time since I've eaten out. Anyone have any suggestions for where I might get somewhat descent meal within 45 minutes drive if I want to go out with John or go out for lunch with SAD eaters?


Trish Chibas said...

how do you make zucchini crisps?

Jennifer said...

I like your lists... they make me feel healthier just reading them!

About the unfresh fruit... don't be too disheartened. It still has to be better to eat canned peaches (in light syrup) than to eat a little debbie snack.

earthmother said...

What a gorgeous juice to start the day with.


Permission to Mother said...

Trish, I added the detail to the post.

Lauren said...

I like Amy's Organic Restaurant & Market...

Permission to Mother said...

I've never hear of that one. I looked it up with the search engine and saw the menu. I'll be going!

Becky R said...

yum. I am going to look into an organic food co-op in my area

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