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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

High School, Not so Musical

"Mom, can I get prepared to go to Public School in a year or two?"

Previously we have talked about ways to make friends and I know exactly where my older sons stand on this. There was more to this question than just "friends."

Really what stood out to me was that this question perhaps was a sign of our homeschool success. It showed me that he was now willingly participating in learning and thoughtfully expressing interest in planning for the future and not afraid to tackle the unknown.

These are reasons he gave me and my replies:

"I'd like to learn more history and social studies."

I' m open to consider his request. What if you get to school and you found out that your Dad has taught you more history than anyone there knows and school is boring. (John KNOWS history.) What if you realize we have better history and biography books than the school has.

"I'd like to get into a good college."

Homeschooling doesn't hold one back from going to a good college.

"If I go and don't like it do I have to stay."


"Plus it would give me a chance to play football."

You've given me plenty of time to think about it and plenty of time to prepare you.

I really appreciate the realistic expectation that this isn't going to happen now or this fall.

As you know not all teachers are always nice. They can be very demanding and not always understanding. I can't remember his exact reply, but he seemed that he recalled that it was their weakness and problem and not his. On the other hand, I realize you may get a teacher who finds you particularly interesting and is full of opportunity.

I'm glad to see eagerness! I'm glad he he's optimistic and motivated and feels that his learning differences don't limit him! All the power to him!

Unfortunately I am not as excited about the idea. I read the opinions and thoughts of these known homeschoolers which is helpful.

We've been conscientious of including friends and social time in our planning. I try to find the boys interests and pursue them. I am not sure how to get involved in local football or if I even would want to be involved. One of the articles suggested shadowing a friend for a day. That is a good idea. I would definately go for that idea. I know about sitting in on one class or just for sports is a possibility.

Mostly I liked the suggestions from several experts to include the children (over ~12 years) in on the planning and find out what they want to get out of schooling which is mostly what my son did explain to me and I am trying to incorporate into our goals.

Never a dull moment...


fitncrafty said...

Having teens/pre-teens is never dull that is for sure! You never know what is going to be next. I am confident that whatever you do it will work out.. Wanna send him up here to shadow with Zach! He would love that!
Good luck~

Tammie said...

At least you are so open and communicating with him! No matter what he ends up doing, knowing his Mom is understanding and wants to help will make it all work out! Have you ever heard of Common Wealth Schools? That's where parents of teens and older children get together and form a "school" that helps fill the needs that your teens are looking for. I have heard lots of good things about them. I kind of like the idea because it is parent ran and can fit the families needs and can be flexible.

Good luck you are AMAZING!

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