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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ordinary and Fun Wednesday

I started out this morning with Scott's lessons. We are working on Level 4, Lesson 14. The closer to the end of this level we get the longer it seems to drag on. As the world of reading opens up for Scott, I see him being occupied with books and magazines more.

I prepared my crockpot with Tam's split pea soup and made Bok Choy cole slaw per Gerrie. I usually can season veggies to my taste if I make it. Not this slaw. It did not turn out well.

I was in the office in the afternoon. It's nice to have a steady flow of young mothers. This week I've talked to mom's about adoptive breastfeeding, VBACs, reviewed prior birth records for appropriateness of homebirth referral, co-sleeping & SIDS ( I don't fall for the Back to Sleep campaign) and frenotomy amongst other topics. I've had one patient drive 2 hours from Boca and another 3 hours from Ormond Beach, several from Jensen Beach and Stuart. It's nice to have families so receptive.

With dinner prepared ahead of time, we got to spend a few hours at the Cabin this evening. We threw bread crumbs to a turtle in the river from our deck, watched some big blue crabs peek out their tunnels in our yard. David was great at spotting wobbly flying fruit bats once we showed him what to look for. The other day we saw an iguana on our deck. We harvested some mangoes and mananza bananas from our trees. I am keeping a good eye on our trees before the critters get to them. Not sure if I'll get everything before the raccoons do.


fitncrafty said...

The trees looks great. It reminds me to check out pear tree...if the squirrels haven't gotten to them yet.

Sorry this lesson is dragging on. Seems like Scott is so successful with reading that it may be hard to focus on the 'official' stuff, when there is so much else out there to read...

Becky R said...

wow, I wish I could pick fruit in my backyard, so cool

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