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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Produce List

Half way between pick-up days it is good for me to take inventory and see what I have left to use. I have plenty. I highlighted my favorites (almost everything).

Last week got:
cucumber-- went in salads, I savour the few cucumbers we get. I'd like to eat one a day. I don't like sharing.

spinach-- salads, smoothies, pesto. I sauteed just a little for John's eggs.

red leaf lettuce--- beautiful salads

leeks -- sliced on salads, sauteed for John's eggs

grape tomato -- a few went on a salad and than I ate the rest of the container

carrots -salads and juice

cremini mushroom -I traded Lauren most of my mushrooms for most of her bananas. I kept two mushrooms. I offered them sliced to John for his eggs. John will not eat "Organic" mushrooms even though he likes mushrooms. I don't eat them because I just don't like looking at them. When he didn't want them and I didn't want to look at them I decided to add them to the spinach/basil pesto and blend them up. He didn't know they were in there and I didn't have to look at them.

I treated myself to a little chinese food. The veggies were plentiful and piled up. I kept tasting something good in there. I figured it was the mushrooms. :) Why do they have to be so ugly?

eggplant-- I am going to make more eggplant hummus like I did two weeks ago.

spaghetti squash- I cut in half. Bake open side down in water, covered with foil till soft. I have added sauce and mixed vegetables to this and it is always delicious.

colossal garlic-- goes with everything

yellow peaches -- ripe and juicy treats

banana-- a favorite snack for my kids and a great smoothie ingredient.

tommy atkins mango -- the boys like this. The mangoes on my tree are becoming ripe and are very tasty. John has an issue with our mango tree. I save the co-op ones for him. I'll eat our locally grown.

bok choy -- It really hasn't been my favorite green,

valencia orange -- juice

flame seedless grapes -- the kids and I snacked on all of these

Fruit Share: gold kiwi, strawberry and golden pineapple-- I sure am enjoying my gold kiwi!


Kristen's Raw said...


Fun Mama - Deanna said...

I'm curious as to why your husband won't eat organic mushrooms. I feel like I'm missing something. I don't like the taste or texture myself.

Permission to Mother said...

He thinks the local grocery store and canned products have more acountability and regulations.

I don't know how he came up with that conclusion. He won't eat the mangoes from our yard. He won't eat the organic meat that is offered from the group. Yet, he eats fast food and deli meat on a regular basis.

Your not missing anything.

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