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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Cabin Fever

We've been hanging out our new house on the weekends while we renovate. I dubbed the house as our Summer Cabin. The amenities are similar to camping: Cell phones and great outdoor facilities without Internet or cable. No xbox or laptop. It's a great way to bring my Type A family together to relax. I can tell you it can be hard to SIT and relax when you are used to being on the go constantly and checking email and messages. The boys next door are the same ages as William and Scott! I love the outdoorsmanship those boys have.

When we brought them on the boat, it was like having Lewis and Clark to guide. They show us all the wildlife (or the signs of wild life): gators, owls, manatee, wild boar, wood peckers, turtles. The boys brought their cast fishing net on the boat and use it off their dock. David loves casting a reel. It's amazing all this exists just a few miles from my current home. The island across the water is protected. Unlike the manicured (or sometimes ignored) landscaping in my current community, the mostly native landscaping here provides for such wildlife diversity.

I got a kayak. The first time I took it out with John( we weren't gone long), I came back to find that William and Scott and David were swimming with the other boys. William proudly announced it was his first party with parents not home.

My boys have had tons of swimming fun with Lewis and Clark. They've come up with one game after another. You know its a pleasure to see my boys being active and CREATIVE. I told them to get out of the pool the next time I couldn't keep my eyes on them and they decided to jump in the river instead, from the sea wall. As crazy of a thing that is to do, I am kind of glad to see my boys adventuring and doing new things. They are so proud to confess the kind of dangerous stuff they do. David thinks he's as big as the big boys. He does everything the rest does.

As hard as it is to slow down and relax its can be hard to get back to seriousness. If I don't go to work tomorrow it's because I have Summer Cabin Fever.


Allana Martian said...

Wow! You really DO have a nice backdrop for photos! With the kayak and boat, who has time for science class? Or, I should say, who needs science class? :-)

Trish Chibas said...

OH! I am SOOOOOO happy for you! You have no idea! Next time I'm in the area I'll have to stop by (if I see your car). It must make you so happy to see your boys finding enjoyment in doing physical things.

Organic Girl said...

A kayak! I'm very jealous. Hope you enjoy your time out on the water.
That pool looks great, no wonder the boys enjoy it so much!

Lauren said...

I loved this story! The boys are so lucky to have fun friends so close to home. Lewis and Clark sound must be a blast! I hope that Ruby shows the same "wild abandon" when it comes to nautre and the outdoors as the boys.

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