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Monday, June 22, 2009

William's Virtual School Progress

William finished 6th grade Math last week through Florida Virtual School. He's been taking one or two classes at a time: First keyboarding, then Languague Arts and Science, and finally Math.

I knew he would do well with LA and Science, but I wasn't sure if our informal learning style would give him the background to perform well in structured Math. Sure enough he easily comprehended most topics easily. The three core classes offered Advanced credit and he completed all the lessons to get his honors credit and high numerical scores, do I dare say 99 and 100 in each semester of Math. I am happy!

I opted not to do Social Studies/History this year because John is so good at explaining those topics. I thought I'd wait for a greater challenge in the upper grades.

William is going to start Advance 7th grade Language Arts in a few weeks. When his friends start school, I'll add to his load. He's chosen this class to start next because he liked his 6th grade class.

One of the things I really like about Virtual School is that with my virtual presence I can advocate for William to have an opportunity to take the Advanced classes. There is no placement testing. You only need to have the desire to try the assignments (and if you don't like it, you can opt out for the Regular class) . In physical school, I don't think that William would independently assert himself for the challenge and I may not be there at the right moment to advocate for his placement. BUT I love the opportunity the on-line classes has given him. On-line learning is the perfect match for William. The teachers respond quickly to my inquiries. Day or night, when I have a question I shoot an e-mail. I don't have to wait to call or make an appointment.

I have also found that classes don't take 9 months to complete. 5-6 months is more like it. Think about all the half days and teachers days that public school kids don't have class. I like plugging him along while the topic is still fresh in his mind and minimal interruptions.

Really the little bit of prep William did for his 6th grade Math was DK workbooks prior to entering the course. Academically he is now on schedule with a remarkable record.

It's my responsibility to give my boys the opportunity to go to college. They are bright and creative and while I never know what surprise the future holds and other opportunities might come around, I definitely feel the course we are on is the right direction.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Yea for William! A 99 and 100 in math- not to shabby...

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