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I have only positive things to say about Permission to Mother, an autobiographical account of a thoughtful mother and clinician who courageously writes from her heart, soul, brain, and personal experience; who is open to change in her views and opinions and is not guided by the safety of rules of any group or the status quo; she is guided by love and openness to the experiences life brings her and her family. Her process benefits her and those around her and those who read her words. And to add to that, the writing style and story telling ability here make it a very enjoyable read speckled with both the humor and seriousness of life. ~Laura Keegan RN FNP, author of Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

AAMI Childbirth Reading Room Discussion

These are the questions from the moderator for the first week of discussion of Permission to Mother. Everyone is invited to join in or just lurk and learn. You do not have to be a student of AAMI to join. It's free. The messages are available 24/7. Please join in here.

What are your thoughts on the high school journal entry on page 7? What can you personally do to make this experience not be the norm for young women?

For Denise....What went thought your mind when you caught the baby bare handed on page 13?

On pages 16 and 17 Denise talks about Jayne and her birth plan and how she educated and helped her to see another way to birth. Is there a Jayne in your life? How has she challenged you in your parenting/birthing? Are you a Jayne to another woman?

During Denise's first labor she makes the comment that she was "As helpless as any hospital patient in labor". Have you experienced the exposure, helplessness, and trauma Denise talks about on pages 24 and 25? How did you or deal with it? How can you use your experience to help others?

Have you seen the dramatic changes in Denise from the beginning of the book up through page 31? In the beginning she "knew" things weren't right with what she saw and experienced as birth and as the book continues you can see her confidence and strength building preparing her to be an accomplice in the next sections homebirth. Have you experienced this type of change? How have you been accepted by others who have known you through your changes?

Why do you suppose Denise feared epidurals more than labor? Why is this not the normal? What can you do about this?

Have you forgotten any of your birth experiences? Page 31

Have you used a doula with any of your births? How do you feel this helped or hindered you during labor and birth?

What are your thoughts about Bernadette's 11th birth? Do you feel intrigued by it being a celebrations for the whole family and close friends or do you feel it should be more private with few people knowing about it? Why or why not?

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