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Sunday, July 12, 2009

How Did I Get Involved with LLL?

Heather, from Top Hat, wrote a guest blog post about what is La Leche League. I am inspired to share how I first heard about LLL.

How did I get involved? I didn't start attending meetings till Scott was born. It took me a while to get there because of my work schedule once I heard what LLL was.

The first leader I originally met (Loire) was a offering private swim lessons for William. I didn't know she was a leader or had anything to do with breastfeeding. He was about 9 months old at the time. I didn't know what to expect as far as breastfeeding around her pool. I was modest and worried about my exposure in front of the unknown in new surroundings. I irrationally had packed bottles with expressed milk and another with water. I don't remember what I wore, but I do remember being concerned about that also. I must of looked like such a newb!

I didn't know anything about the swim instructor and she didn't know me. I saw her swim lessons posted at Gold's Gym. To my surprise she was a LLL leader. What a small world! All my fear about nursing at the pool was unfounded fear. She must have been looking at me wondering how I would feed him. I don't remember the details if I needed to nursed or not. Getting comfortable nursing in public was a process for me. It took a while and some circumstances I anticipated remained more challenging than others even after 9 months and this was one of them.

Upon finding out I was breastfeeding, the leader called me monthly to invite me to meetings. (This was before either of us had a computer.) I worked 10 hour shifts and the evening meetings were not possible to get to.

After Scott's birth, I had some maternity leave and the opportunity to attend. Since my office hours left me free in the evenings, I was able to continue to attend in the evening. I found out how much I needed the meetings especially with tandem nursing, I really needed the support. FYI- Anne was a brand new leader!

With William as a baby, I could have benefited from more information and confidence building had I attended sooner. Anyhow I was really fascinated with all that their was to learn at a LLL meeting as a mother and as a professional and as you know I continued to attend on a regular basis for years.

I encourage you to attend at least one meeting and especially while you were pregnant if there is still time for that. I wonder if I had not signed up for swim lessons, when and how I would have found the local LLL?

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