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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kids at Work with Mom

My older boys were at Camp TBEI this week. Since we were short sitters for David, he came to work with me. I brought David to work with me when he was a baby. My kids at work can be distracting. I am glad I have the option to do bring him but I am also glad I don't have to do this often.

First, David was proud to show off how big he is. Terry is my medical assistant and was great at keeping up with him.
David was getting into this doctor stuff. He went back into the office and closed the door to do a surprise. When he came out he was wearing my stethoscope and the lab coat that I never wear. He was really proud of himself for coming up with this get-up. It was also his idea to put on pants and a work shirt before we left the house so he would look like Dad.
He wanted to come in to all my exam rooms with me. Just what I needed. Most of my patients were good sports that day and found him amusing (Thank you patients!). Only this little one tried running from him. They are too cute! Now he's trying to pretend he is Dad and do all the paper work. (Go for it, David!)

He came to work with me another day and he was over it. He brought a DVD and stayed quiet in the back. This week will seem boring not having him with me.
Have you ever brought your kids to work?


Allana Martian said...

You are fortunate to be able to do that. How wonderful for your children to be able to experience that part of your life so fully!

I can bring my kids with me to work on a limited basis. They usually all stop by to say hello when I'm there for a long shift. Sometimes the boys will stay and fish from the backyard in the river. Sometimes I will bring one along so I can help them with school work. It's a blessing to be able to do that!

Trish Chibas said...

Oh! I love this post! I wish I could have been one of your patients this day. LOL. It would have been so cute to have seen him following you around.

Permission to Mother said...

Allana, You bring up a great point that many mothers don't think of. I like the idea of young ones visiting.

Trish, That's so nice for you to say. Thanks!

Tammie said...

Ry takes our oldest boy with him to work every time he has to work a Saturday! With his business Matt can actually help sweep and vacuum flours, help stock shelves etc. We even pay him a little! He LOVES it! I think it's a great learning experience for kids to see hands on a glimse of an adult world!

Becky R said...

Hi! I was a nanny for years and took my boys. Then I did my in home daycare and they were home with me. I also still occasionally babysit and they come with me. It has been challenging but worth it.

doctorjen said...

I've taken my babies and kids a lot of places with me, including to work! I had 2 babies during medical school, and my oldest daughter especially (born during second year) spent her first weeks nursing in a sling in the back of a lecture hall. I never asked if I could - I just showed up with her and hoped for the best. My 3rd child attended 3 mos of ethics fellowship with me, also as a tiny nursling camped out in my sling. My littlest was born after I was an attending physician, and she came to round with me always until she was about a year - frequently she'd sleep or nurse right through rounds in the sling and folks would barely be aware of her. Still, all my kids come to the office or hospital with me occasionally. My youngest even attended a couple births, sleeping in a bassinet in a corner of the room.
My middle kids are going to be in 7th and 10th grade and I'm lucky to work near their schools, so they frequently pop in after school for a visit and a snack and eventually a ride home. I love to see them during the day! My patients all enjoy seeing them, too, although they are all too old to come in the exam room any longer, but they lurk in the halls and collect pats on the head and comments about how big they are! I'm lucky to be in a position to welcome them at my work (and on an occasional sick kid day, to have a nice break room with couch that they can watch lie down on and watch movies, and I can check on them frequently throught the day.) My kids are now 20, 14, 12, and 6, and it's easier to have them at work now than when they were younger and still were such a distraction.

Permission to Mother said...

Tammie and Becky and Jen, I just love reading how your employments and self-employments and school accomodated your kids. Thanks for sharing! I'd love to see more kids in the work place and I'd like to see accomodations so its not so difficult.

Red said...

When I worked fo Publix I did take both of my children in to see how hectic my day was.

Now that I am an Avon rep, my daughter drives me around so I can deliver books. So in a manner of speaking, she is getting some on the job training and racking up her hours for her permit.

GingerRose (Prone to Wander) said...

My husband and I will take our son to visit the other at work, but that's about the extent he gets to visit. I'm an RN and full-time paramedic, and my husband is also a paramedic. Our son is 2, has been given many toy ambulances, and enjoys coming to see the real thing. Unfortunately, my jobs don't accommodate having a little one along, which is why I dropped down to just PRN nursing for the first 23 months. I am currently contemplating a career shift as I think of adding to our brood.
On a side note - I cannot believe I hadn't stumbled upon your blog earlier! I absolutely love finding an MD who sees and promotes the immense value of breastfeeding! Truly a diamond in the rough :)

Christy said...

David sure is growing up! Looks like a mini-dad in your lab coat, love it!

I work in an office and brought Alex to work on a Sunday (office closed) when he was 2 weeks old. My mom came with me and helped too. I didn't know about slings then, wish I had, I was nursing and wanted to do everything right. What a stressful day!

I tried again when he was a few months old (daycare closed). I wanted to hold and love on him constantly. With so many babies born in an 8 month period, we had a baby swing in the office, so that really helped me. But I still didn't get much done, neither did my co-workers who wanted to hold, feed and change him.

There are many times I wish I was a SAHM!

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