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Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Aerogarden

John gave me an aerogarden about a year ago. At the time the herbs on my porch were doing good, so I took on the challenge of growing lettuce and then tomatoes. I never produced much and put it away. I admit, I didn't prune as directions said. My fault, it didn't work. I recently decided to pull it out and plant all the basil seeds.

This time, it's a big success. I get tons of basil. I've made pesto and add basil to numerous pasta dishes. I am so happy with my garden. I love having the herbs growing right in my kitchen. The fresh basil tastes so much better than the waxed basil from the grocery store. Next time, I start another round, I probably don't need so much basil. I plan on getting more variety with a herb kit with basil, dill, cilantro, and parsley seeds. Anyone else have an aerogarden?

Anyone try the topsy-turvey system for tomatoes and vegetables?


Kristen's Raw said...

My favorite thing to grow in my Aerogarden was basil, too. It was always very hearty!

Cheers to fresh herbs,

Tara said...

Yes I have an aerogarden but we kept letting it get out of control with the plants bolting and so many roots so it's boxed for the summer. I do have a topsy turvey and we used it several summers years ago and it did produce and do okay but the problem is that it gets VERY heavy. It's hard to find something to hang it from and for it to get enough sun. The only thing we hung it from that it didn't pull out of was a metal basketball goal that was cemented in the ground. That being said, I produced much more and much better tomatoes just in the ground.

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful. Glad that you are having so much success with it!

Becky R said...

looks cool. I love fresh herbs. Mine always die. My tomatoes are doing great though. They are in the ground.

Anonymous said...

I have 3 aerogardens

they are great

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It`s an extremely undervalued Company

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