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Sunday, August 16, 2009

2nd Annual Sling Fling

My day started at Sams getting a new camera.
I often get asked what kind of camera I use.
Lately its they disposable digital (why don't they make kid proof cameras).
I asked for a camera that I can walk out of the store and start photographing. I had my doubts if I'd get anything good without even having a chance to familiarizing myself with this new camera. Meet my manager, Scott. He was so proud to dress up, but sooo bored.Mary's Max kept him company for a bit.
This is (one of) my favorite photo!
Mary is a midwife student and this his her daughter.
Any day now!
Scott also took a few photos of me after I got babies in slings.
These two natural slings are Peonies slings.
have them available in my office for sale.
Getting the hang of having free hands!
Your ring sling is going to come in handy. ;)
Animal print accessories are in!
How cute! Meaghan displayed her accessories today.Leader Sophy is our MC.Our models!This is Joelle from Barriga Babies and her daughter who is 10 months old. Joelle makes gorgeous pouch slings and she is here with some of her merchandise. Katrina and her 18 month old is riding in a Connecta structured carrier. LLL Leader Lisa and her daughter.Dad with an Ergo.Two Mommas Designs makes this cute carrier that can also be worn on your back.

Just like Mom.I love seeing the Dad's carry their baby. Trish brought cute little Lainey out for spin in her Poppy Pouch, another vendor.
Poppy Pouches are available at the Fort Pierce Farmer's Market. This fashionable Becco Baby Carrier is being modeled today by
Pam and her daughter who is almost 22 months. Melissa and her 11 month old modeling one of her homemade slings.
She is a vendor today.Meaghan wearing her 11 month old Serenity in a ring sling made by Charlene of Princess and Junebug. Charlene is one of our vendors today. Keirsthen's beautiful homemade wrap. She nurses discreetly.Danica with her 5 month old in a Sleepy Wrap.
Jen's 7 month old in a Mei Tai
Christy with 2o month old Alex in a Ring Sling on her back.Great breastfeeding help always available.Thanks Lauren for co-ordinating this with our leaders!

Time to go to sleep.

Thanks to all who participated!!

(Let me know if I got names and wraps down right.)

Looks like my new camera did its job. 'Til next year....


Jenny said...

that looks very cool...i will certainly be at the next one =)

Trish the dish said...

Woah, sling fever! Next week I am going to a baby wearing class with my friend. We are excited about it!

crispy said...

Lots of great images for trying to pick the right sling. Looks like it was full of success.

Tammy S. said...

makes me totally miss my baby wearing years :(
You rock!

Trish Chibas said...

I love how Lainey is nursing in almost every picture you have of her (except the last one where she's passed out). Hey, she's gotta eat to keep her figure! LOL! It looks like your new camera performed well! Wish I could have talked to you a bit more. Oh... tupperware party is on the 27th of this month at 6:30. If you're not to busy come on by!

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