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Monday, August 17, 2009

Outdoor Garden Notes

I can't take any credit for what was already at the house at closing.

  • mangoes- A huge healthy tree. I picked fruit off daily and the critters got the rest. Now I know, they will ripen nicely indoors once harvested and I will pick them all early June, next year.
  • Bananas- We've picked a few bunches and took the trees down as they don't fruit again. These bananas are delicious. They reproduce by sending more trees out from the roots. We have 7 small ones yet to fruit. We spaced them out to give them all space.
  • Limes- It's a small tree, but some fruit is growing now.
  • Orange- I saw the first Orange Blossom on August 1st.
  • Grapefruit- While waiting for a closing date, I noticed big grapefruit on the small tree. They were gone by the time we closed. Next year....
  • Avocado- I would love it if this tree produces.

What's new...

I have been sticking the tops to my pineapples in the ground. I have about 7 that have taken well.

When I moved some compost over to fertilize the above trees, I noticed vines growing from seeds in my compost. I have two healthy vines. One is growing what I think is butternut squash. The other is growing "fuzzy gourd's." I've never heard of a fuzzy gourd, but I quickly got a mature fruit and sliced for my salad! I can't decide if its more like a cucumber or zucchini. But I like it and it looks like I am going to have lots of it. It's not prickly, but hairy and has small yellow flowers. Any ideas? Also, since I can't remember eating this before, I wonder how the seeds got in my compost. I eat the seeds of cucumber and squash. .

In containers, I have aloe, rosemary, more basil, a little chive, and parsley. I soak seeds and nuts also in my kitchen. Recently I found out how delicious & easy, soaked and dehydrated raw, organic sunflower seeds is.

Lauren gave me horse compost. I have been saving seeds from my organic produce. I need to sort through my seed collection. I buried a few seeds with the horse compost. Coconut from our neighbors tree ( I won't be hanging a hammock anytime soon.), Lychee pits from Gerrie, dragon fruit seeds from Stacey, ginger root from co-op, papaya. It will be fun to see what sprouts!

All this might sound impressive, but from I haven't really yielded that much yet. Lots to look forward, too! I love the potential!


Lily Girl said...

That all sounds fantastic! Did you know you can eat the center of banana tree stalks? Here's a recipe:
And the leaves are great to wrap things up for steaming.
Just FYI most avocado trees need a partner to produce fruit. Only a few varieties are self-pollinating.
I can't wait to hear how everything goes!

Permission to Mother said...

Lily Girl, Thanks for the recipe. Ihad a feeling it was edible. I will indeed try it next time a cut one down. I have also heard that the banana flower is edible. I looked up recopes and most looked to involved or too many ingrediants I didn't have.

Our avocado tree looks healthy. I noticed that most avocados don't fruit. I was thinking its because they weren't native to the area.

Rixa said...

I have mega garden envy! Besides the squash and zucchini, I can't grow any of the other things up north here.

And thanks for the copy of your book. I'm re-reading it and enjoying it a lot. Some day I will write up a review of it on my blog. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later!

fitncrafty said...

Yummy....It all sounds so delicious!!!

Can't wait to see photos! That will be awesome!!

how are things coming with the house?

Permission to Mother said...

I added a photo of my cukes.

Anonymous said...


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Fun Mama - Deanna said...

What an impressive garden! I am a little jealous of all the tropical fruit you can grow right in your yard. Oh, and Lilly Girl is right. Most avocados are sex-specific and you have to have both male and female trees to get fruit. There are other plants like this, but I can't remember any off the top of my head other than the pawpaw (which is native and sadly not commonly known).

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