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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Catch-up / Twenty Posts in One

My turn to catch up...

As of last week our new house is in the process of being gutted and getting ready for remodel. I hear from our contractor that our new cabinets are being constructed in the shop. Last Thursday I had appointments with the lumbar guy to pick floor molding (this house never had any) and new faucets for the new cabinets. In the evening I had the opportunity to walk around the yard with a landscaper and a tree specialist who taught me a lot about the vegetation. I felt like a got a lot accomplished that day.

Friday was a busy day in the office seeing patients and wrapping stuff up to prepare for a few days off. Our nurse practitioner is covering, but I told our office manager that if any of my established mothers called Monday because they had their baby over the weekend I would see them on Monday.

Friday night, my boys had their belt promotion. William and Scott are brown belts with three black stripes (two testings away from Black Belt). Little David is a yellow belt.

Saturday was my day set aside for going to the beach and enjoying the waves. Not the sand bar. Not by boat. Just the beach. The red warning flags were up at Jensen Beach because of the rough under current and so we drove to Ft. Pierce beach with waves protected by the fishing pier and the rain came.

Sunday was the day set aside to make the long boat drive down to the sandbars. We need a lot of time to prepare and then get down there. It's hard to do even with just a weekend day off duty because we need the night before to get ready and we need clean up time. Let's just say that this week has had a lot more rain than last week and leave it at that.

Come Monday, I had quite a few office related emails to handle from home in the morning. They didn't stop coming. Two moms had birthed their babies this weekend. Both of them had taken the time to establish while they were pregnant and I made the time to go see them. One was in NICU (I wouldn't of had time to go there if I had a full schedule so I guess its a good thing I had off). :) The other mom reported signs of not enough milk transfer and was breastfeeding after breast surgery, so I thought I should (and wanted to) go in to evaluate the situation myself.

With a relatively uncluttered mind (haha) over the weekend I spent more time reading up on Health Care Reform- oh joy. On Monday night I decided to dial into the 90 minute AAFP (American Academy of Family Practice) town hall conference call. I now feel very well informed about the bill, the purpose of town hall, and the tea parties. I've never understood politics. I don't care much for watching the news on TV and I don't read the paper consistently. But I do seem to "get" facebook politics and I enjoy reading peoples opinions on blogs. Healthcare reform is too close to not follow. I am considering HCR from the point of view of what it means for babies. If babies benefit everyone else will prosper and fall in place.

Tuesday we headed towards Miami. My husband wanted to go to A Peruvian restaurant. I wanted to see the holocaust memorial while the holocaust studies are fresh in my boys minds as they prepare to become Bar Mitzvah. In the restaurant I ordered my salad and didn't rebel or complain about the other options my family chose. I let them enjoy their food. I don't miss eating greasy restaurant food. It doesn't even look tempting. I don't miss the loud environment of a restaurant with TVs on sleazy stations and nestle ice cream bar ads on the walls. My husband totally enjoys eating out. Sigh. After eating the boys tolerated the memorial for about 2 minutes. It reminded me why I don't attempt bigger sight seeing trips with them. Frankly its not worth the time and effort and resources to get somewhere, and to be frustrated without getting much out of it.

Another project I have going is I am writing and in the finalizing stage of two forewords. I am honored to be asked to make literary contributions to two upcoming publications. One book is a Breastfeeding Guide (no official title yet) by Robin Elise Weiss. The other book is Robyn Oppenheimers' Green Smoothie Girl's, 12 Step Expanded Course (has been available as an ebook on I feel excited to have the role of introducing a nutritional program that has been of benefit to me for more than a year and a half.

I have participated in the Permission to Mother book discussion over the past two months on AAMI childbirth discussion group. The archives will be stored in the yahoogroup for the knowledge seeking who want to get more from their reading. I enjoyed the structured questions from the moderator and the thoughtful answers from the midwifery students.

I am going to declare labor day week a time where I take off each year. Last year I went to my sister's in New York. In fact I totally intended to make it a tradition to visit my sister each year at this time. I had so much fun and we blogged about our laughs last September. With so much going on this year, I couldn't see me getting away. I am totally missing my sister and her kids. I miss not being able to get our kids together. My body seems to know the calender and keeps telling me that I should be with them and none of the other activities this week seem to be a fulfilling substitute.

I have some photos from this week. Perhaps I'll elaborate on some of this in more detail and share photos in my upcoming posts where the topic is worthy. Not sure what I am doing today. Hopefully we'll get some visiting in with our mothers this weekend.


Fun Mama - Deanna said...

I am so excited that you are writing Robin's foreword! I'm glad that you were able to find one another.

Anonymous said...


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Anyhow, I sent you this email to ask if you would consider having me write a guest post on your blog. It can just be a short article about child care, parenting and daycare, setting up a daycare center - or really anything that you might find interesting.

Please let me know what you think. Thanks in advance!

Sincerely Yours,

Anne Stephanie Cruz

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