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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's a Dog's Life

You can see what kind of life this doggie has. He easily goes to William for shared sleep. He's had a good time with the boys in the pool.
I thought this long shallow step in the pool was good for toddlers, but its looking like a
good step for a dog with short legs (and large abdominal girth) to cool off.(This photo is horizontal, but it would upload vertical, weird.) The boys have taken him almost everywhere. He is quiet and rarely barks. Scott has taken him to the pet store and karate. He loves long walks. He rides in the car easily.I'd like recommendations for a Vet. So far no health problems,
but in case we have an emergency or if we do keep him permanently.
I'd also like recommendations for books or websites about dog nutrition and holistic care.
If processed food isn't good for me, I'd like to know more about feeding dogs. Interestingly,
he has been trained so well, he hardly begs or demands other food then what he's been on.


Mary said...

wow, we were considering a corgi for turtle too!! they are great! right now we have a lab on "loan" it looks like she'll be staying though! I'll get back to you on dog food. I really like purina one, no horrific stuff.

fitncrafty said...

My instructor and I were talking about holistic vet care, He feeds his dog some organic food.. I will email him about it...

I can't imagine not keeping that dog, he's too cute and sweet. Brian said if you don't adopt him you should send him here!!!

fitncrafty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
doctorjen said...

The blog address I sent on your previous post is by a cardi breeder. She feeds her dogs raw food and has a lot of info on her blog about feeding, vaccinating, etc that is well researched.

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