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Friday, September 18, 2009

Scott and Max

Scott has been researching dogs. He's been really eager to get one. I've done everything to delay and deter him. But a nice one has come our way. The dog has been previously taken care of by John's mother and brother. Scott asked to take care of him for a month. I have a feeling Max is here for good. John's brother use to take it everywhere with him, but now is living in an apartment. Now, Scott has been bringing him everywhere and taking care of him! As you can see they get along really great. Max is a Corgi and he is very content just to be sitting near Scott. He hardly barks. He doesn't beg. Doesn't get in my way. Doesn't chew on stuff. Doesn't get in my way. He's photogenic. I like that. They look so comfy together. Just wants to be next to someone especially Scott. What more can I want in a dog? He makes Scott and the boys happy. That makes me happy.


Sam said...

So cute!!! They look like a perfect match. I am so happy to see that Scott has such a great buddy.

Becky R said...

how cute! my boys are also begging for a dog. we will see on that one.

doctorjen said...

If you enjoy reading blogs, you might like this one from a cardi breeder who also has 4 homeschooled kids.

Your son and the doggie are adorable together.

Orlando Realtor said...

Scott & Max used to refer to Scott & his grandma.....I have been replaced by a dog!

Permission to Mother said...

Mom-- I like Max's first name better, "Pleasant." Since we are not sure if Max is going back to his previous home it makes no sense to change his name back and forth.

In anycase Scott asked when you were coming back with your dogs...

Christine said...

What a great photo! Dogs can be great pals for kids!

Nikki said...

He's adorable :)

Let me know if you still want the blog makeover! The discount ends at the end of this month (but of course I will still be designing after that!)

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