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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Will I ever blog again?

My blog posts are rare these days.
I seem to be having a hard time concentrating long enough to blog. On top of working at the office and the freelance lancing writing I've done recently, the boys lessons have been consuming a bigger proportion of my time. William and Scott are both absorbing like sponges. Yet, sometimes they don't come to the desk right away and a quick lesson becomes dragged out from the time it takes coaxing them to come to the table. Scott is finished Lesson 3, in level 6 in BartonReading. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. What will I do with myself when I am done with his all his reading and spelling lessons? :) This year especially I am glad they are homeschooled . I am seeing results I am proud of. I am enjoying teaching them. I find it rewarding.

Between tutoring the boys and work, I am involved with our new house. (In case your wondering, we don't live there yet.) The house is totally gutted now. (Three rooms have no ceiling, much drywall is down, all cabinets in kitchen and bathroom is out. Old tile and carpets have been pulled out.) We have a building permit as of this week. Next week we begin the putting it back together phase. One day I'll share more photos of the interior. You'll appreciate what we are doing more when I have "after" photos. For now, I spend so much time with this house's planning, I don't really feel like regurgitating all the details afterwards on my blog. All this work doesn't come natural to me. I am not a decorator or designer. At first it was fun and I eagerly waited to see what the rooms looked like with out the ugly cabinets, but seeing all the demolition has also been emotional. I didn't expect that.

Another reason I lack some inspiration to blog is that I don't like my new camera, so I can't say I am real inspired to share lots of photos. (That dog does take good photos, though!)

By the time I get to have my time at the computer, I can't seem to focus on composing any thoughts (although, I have a lot of thoughts) . Plus, I get lost reading other blogs and facebook and news, especially opinions on health care reform. I seem to spend a lot of time wondering about the outcome of HCR and what the impact will be, either way. Then my usual blog topics seem so minor and insignificant to the thoughts and concerns I have. And I can't write.

But I really do want to keep my blog up-to-date because I like having a journal of my thoughts.


fitncrafty said...

That is an amazing photo!!! The dog is SO cute!!!
Do you like him?

I know what you mean about blogging.. I haven't had any time at all.. maybe soon!

Trish Chibas said...

I didn't know you go a dog!!!!!! How exciting! Where did he come from? Are the boys crazy about him?

Zaneta said...

Keep writing, I enjoy reading it.

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