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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Faceless Chainsaw Zombies

What I liked about this evening is how much my boys have been looking forward to being cast in Heathcote Botanical Gardens haunted gardens. Remember, my boys, particularly my oldest, likes nothing to interfere with his Xbox and food, so wanting to do something involving some creativity and getting out is a very welcome change. They recruited a friend to come along. Little David wanted to look just like the big boys with a dark cloak. Scott told David he was too small that he would never scare anyone. He actually did really good with young visitors because the big boys were almost overwhelming to young guests.

They tried some acting in the forest.

But where they finally ended up spending most time was in the graveyard (which had no cast members scheduled). They seem to fit right in and personally, I think, was the highlight of event.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

William's 2nd Semester Essay: Chaos at Dinner

This is the last of the essays. It's funny and unfortunately it's mostly true. Which one of William's papers did you like the most?

Chaos at Dinner

by William Coquelet

Dinnertime in my house is full of chaos. Let me explain to you what happens at dinnertime. ‘A note to the wise’ this isn’t pretty. The kitchen is usually a mess. My brother, David, is usually screaming because he wants to watch T.V. and also everyone hates my mom’s cooking.

The kitchen is usually a mess so my mom cannot find a pot, or a pan. As the oldest boy in the house it’s my job to unload the dishwasher but I procrastinate and my mom gets mad. The sink is usually stacked full of dirty dishes by the time I get to the dishwasher. My mom first has to clean the kitchen when she comes home from work in order to have space to make dinner and find the pots and pans.

David, my 6 year old brother, is always screaming before dinner because he wants to finish watching his T.V. show. My mom hates when he misses out on dinner and he wants to watch something stupid like Icarly instead. Besides, David is always full because he eats snacks throughout the entire day. He has such a big temper when he is hungry that we can’t hold him off. When we have to turn off the loud T.V and drag him to the kitchen he starts to scream and knocks things down. My mom wants a master remote control to turn off all the TV’s and computer at mealtime so there will be peace.

Usually when my mom cooks everyone hates what she is cooking. She likes to cook organic vegetables and things like Quinoa. It smells horrid. My Dad demands meat in all his dinners otherwise he thinks it isn’t a meal. When he was a kid there was huge dinners with meat and whatever was served with it. That’s how he was raised and he’s not going to change. She switches small details in Grandma’s recipes that ruin the entire dish. She tries to make the classic recipes healthy. There’s a dish called “Chinese rice” and it’s awesome it has brown rice, eggs, turkey meat, and soy sauce. It makes my mouth water. A month later my mom ruins the recipe by adding small crunchy carrots and disgusting onions. I hope she never changes my grandma’s yummy empanada recipe.

So when the kitchen is a mess, my brother is screaming, and the cooking is nasty, every one may seem to hate each other. But there is one thing everyone agrees on. Hey! Let’s eat out!

The only thing not true is my agreement to go out and eat, but you get the drift. I also was thinking how chaotic the evening is because we have karate or Hebrew in the evening. We are coming and going at the same time.

Monday, October 26, 2009

William's Bio about ME

A Biography of my Mom

By William Coquelet

My mom, Denise Lynne Punger, was born in Queens, New York, XXXXX X, 19XX.

She’s lived in different states like Long Island, New York, all over Georgia, and Florida. She’s a New Yorker and still has that accent.

She has traveled to many Eastern states, the Islands, Washington, Vancouver, and Alaska.

She married my Dad on October 15, 1994. They had a double wedding at my Grandma’s house with her sister, my Aunt. My mom and dad met in medical school.

She became a doctor so she can teach people about babies. She also likes writing about her experiences. She authored a book, Permission to Mother. In her book she wrote about me and my brothers when we were babies. She likes to write about our births so other women can have better births. She compares the births of me and my brothers to what she was taught in medical school.

I hear my birth story a lot but it’s really my third brother’s birth that was amazing. She planned a homebirth. I was six. One of my jobs was to tell her what color the baby’s hair was when I could see the head. Well, I saw toes. “It’s toes!” I said innocently. My dad flipped out when he saw the toes. But my mother’s midwife acted like everything was normal and my brother was born just fine except he had a lump on his head. It went away on its own and he’s just a cute brat now. My other job was to take pictures and I took a picture of what I saw and it’s my mother’s favorite birth photo. I took better photos than my dad and her friends that were there. My mother also likes taking photos and taught me a lot about her camera.

My mother, already questioning the whole educational system, really questioned it after my brother’s birth. This might explain why she started homeschooling us. She takes me and my brother to the same karate and Hebrew school, but at home we are in different books and different curriculums. She never expected how differently each of us learns. I like computer stuff and virtual school. My 11 year old brother is dyslexic and she taught him to read and do math a totally different way. She wonders how you could put all kids in the same school system and expect them to be equal learners. She says I’d probably do okay in any learning system, but is convinced that my brothers would not adjust. She is very happy that there is virtual school. My mother also likes computer stuff. She also has a blog as the same title of the book.

She is inspired by her patients. She writes in her book about some unique lessons her patients teach her. In the book the stories are all related to birth and breastfeeding. Now that we are older she writes more about teaching us. She also is trying to feed us healthy. She tries to make us eat organic vegetables and salads. I prefer barbeque pork and chicken. Her next book will probably about older kids.

Even though she has a career she says that being my mom is best of all.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Special Time with David

Last night William and Scott both went to a sleep over birthday party. This was Scott's first time. He was pretty worried about missing Max. Scott said good bye to me, Max, and David. Scott of course, did fine, but I can tell Max really missed Scott being around. William goes right int his friends house. No good bye.

David was the only child last night. He did pretty good also. I took him and Max to the pumkin patch. David had a great time running around, picking out a pumkin and finding the right place for it on our porch. Then we took the old baby seat off my bike and attached the tandem bike, so David could ride right behind me. We went for a bike ride looking at decorated houses and to the playground.

David had fun helping me clip back some bushes and jumping in the pool.

David wanted to do a lesson like Scott does. I pulled out the first set of tile letters in Barton and with much repetition and Barton approach, David learned the sound that these letters make. yeah! he even sounded out S.A.T. We read a few books. He likes the book, Old MacDonald had a Farm.

David has been wanting to sleep right next to Max and he did last night.

Morning came fast and we went to pick up his brothers. Everyone missed each other and it was a quiet day. David was excited to show his brothers what he did. William missed his computer and Xbox games the most.

I also wanted to add that before the sleep over the boys and Max, went to the Mutt March sponsored byt the Humane Society. This was the boys first "walk-a-thon" type activity. They loved getting to see all kinds of dogs in real life.

William's Haiku

Xbox is like joy,
I like to play all night long,
My friends come over.

I was surprised to see him change topics!

Batman’s vehicle
Not an ordinary car
The swift Batmobile.

Here is an excerpt from his speech he presented to our family and than read to his teacher over the phone.

Let me tell you a story. For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted a dog, since I was about five or six maybe. I would always ask my mom for a dog. She always said no and she said “If a dog comes in this house I’ll move out.”

I thought this was strange. My mom grew up around dogs in her family all the time. So did my dad. They both had dogs throughout their child hood. I just didn’t understand why my parents wouldn’t let me get a dog. It didn’t make sense. Now just about two months ago my brother asks for a dog. I was hoping my mom was going to say no to my brother. Luckily enough for my brother he got my mom to say yes. I was extremely mad. Not only because my brother is getting a dog. But because I’ve wanted a dog almost half my life and the first time he ever asks for a dog he got a yes from my mom.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

William's Huge Allowance Essay

William was assigned a topic to write an expository essay... Notice how food and gaming is always on his mind.

My Huge Allowance

I have huge dreams for when I get a bigger allowance. My plans include adding a whole addition to our house and putting TV’s, Xbox’s, and surround sound in to the new room. I would decorate my room with a bunch of Halo and Call of Duty posters. This would be awesome if I ever get the chance to get a bigger allowance.

First, if I had a bigger allowance I would add an extra room in my house. To get in the room you would have to go through my bedroom. Then you would enter through a private door, and that would be the gaming room. But of course I would have a password so only my friends could get in and I could keep baby brothers out. On the other side of the gaming room there would be a secret slot in the wall like a bar and my mom could serve us food and refreshments.

The second thing I would do with all my allowance is buy four, fifty inch TV’s which would be the best quality TV’s for playing video games on. They would also be high definition. I would also buy four Xbox’s so I can have “all-nighterXbox parties.

The third thing I would do with my big allowance would be to buy a surround sound speaker system, like Bose or Digital Dolby. I would also buy a ton of Halo and Call of Duty posters to cover the walls. I would try to buy as my friends would say, “the most ‘epic’ posters ever”.

If only I had a bigger allowance and could afford all this stuff! I could actually have these ‘epic’ “all-nighterXbox parties. I’ll even host a gaming tournament in that room or a surprise birthday party for a friend, or something like that. My mom would make us a bunch of cookies and sweets. We could even order chicken wings. YUM! Oh, but of course I’ll do my daily Language Arts lessons before going to the game room!

William Coquelet

Friday, October 23, 2009

William's Writing (My Intro)

William is almost done with his 7th grade Language Arts class. I am going to share a sample of a few of his best writings. This was the introduction he wrote for class at the beginning.

My name is William Coquelet. I am an American child with some Peruvian ancestors.

It all started on September 18, 1996. I was a very cute baby boy. I immediately started into gaming and computers as a baby. I lived in Palm City in the community of Monarch in Florida. After a while of playing and growing my Mom and Dad told me we were moving to Georgia. I met a few good friends there. Then one day we found a school of Martial Arts and I had a test run there and I loved it! It was one of the best things about Georgia.

My Mom and Dad once again told me we were moving and I had to quit my Tai Kwon Do classes. I was very sad about the class, but we were moving back to Florida! It took a while, but we finally found a small house and we moved in.

The house was nice, but then things started to get a little messy. After a while my Mom said she found a new Martial Arts class and it was right in our community. My Mom got mad when I said that I didn’t want to do more Martial Arts. But she “enrolled” me and my brothers regardless. I’ve been in this class three years. I am almost a Black Belt.

So now it’s time to look for another house. This time it took two and a half years to find a house. In the house we are getting a dog and we can dock our boat in the river in the backyard. So we finally buy it and about a month later I start Language Arts 7th grade class. So then my teacher Karen Hoenstine asks me to write a biography about myself. So here I am!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dog Days

Great News! Scott is READING the newly published, Wimpy Kid book. This will be his first chapter book he's read. He is reading it out loud (to Max) in a quiet mutter. Scott is reading at a nice comprehensible pace. I am totally enjoying hearing him read and hearing him laugh at the funny parts. I see him improving each night as he gets further along into it. It took to being midway in Level 6 BartonReading to have enough reading vocabulary to have the ability to read an ordinary book for kids his age.

Scott is also doing Math U See, Beta level. Although he could add and subtract (and multiply) in his head, he has never put it on paper before. So for the visual part of math (and his confidence), I chose to start him off at this level. He is doing excellent. He has a strong foundation now in both math, reading and spelling. Last year he could not read the directions on any work sheets, let alone do the math problem. When he started doing the Math U See sheets, he asked, if Math U See and BartonReading were a conspiracy working together to form a curriculum. ((No, I told him, its just called language :) !)) He reads all the directions and word problems himself.

Scott is so curious, fortunately he is able to pursue his curiosity now and teaches himself by watching documentaries, asking everybody questions, and the Internet. He browses non-fiction books, too.

William is moving a long in his Language Arts class. Since all the reading, spelling, and language arts both boys are doing doesn't leave me much of my own creative time, I may post some of William's best writings.

Both boys are still in Tuesday night Hebrew school to keep them involved and Karate. Karate is no longer being offered in my neighborhood. Now, I have to drive them across town to their instructors other class. In the long run, we were going to transfer to that program anyways. The class is longer and more intense.

David is on a Math roll right now, so I am going to go with that while the force is strong. I don't see much progress in reading, but he likes his Scratch and Sketch books and activity books. He doesn't let me read out loud to him much. He also likes Tic Tac Toe and Connect Four.
The boys are all enjoying Max.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Before and Not-quite-after Photos

Today, I finally feel like showing some photos of our remodeling project. I've been taking lots of photos. Here is just a few. This WAS the wall unit in the biggest room of the house when we purchased it. Nice if you like Austin Power's stuff. There was a lot of eccentric shiny stuff. I was pretty excited to see what this unit taken apart and see what the room
would look like without the shelving.We found doors and paneling. It makes me wish I knew how the doors were used before covering them. I wish I had more history on this house. It's 35 years old. We got a photo album of the house at closing, but it did not show how this wall originally looked.

It's a gorgeous brick fireplace to the ceiling! Why was it ever covered? It's going to be cleaned this week and it works. When we first deciding if we should remove the wall unit, I never thought about removing the front glass doors (look back at the first photo).The glass and metal covered so much of this. I can't wait to see it cleaned.We knocked down a kitchen wall. Now you can see the fireplace across the house. Now, let me show you the foyer. The white door is a coat closet and it is going to become part of the laundry room which backs into it.From this view standing in front of the fireplace we have opened up that area and removed the jams closing in the foyer. We've opened up the separation from the foyer to the great room.

And notice the tile and ceiling is gone. The house is almost a shell only.

This is going to look SO different when we put it back together.

Maybe we'll be in by the end of the year?!

I can't wait to show final photos!

After The Cut

I took the boys to get their haircuts tonight. David went first, then William. In the meantime Scott entertained himself by reading the posters on the wall out loud, "Take Years Off in Just a Few Minutes." He analysed this. "How can a haircut make you younger. That's BS."
During Scott's haircut the other boys were getting restless and by the time they were all done they were running around (even William), getting louder and grabbing 5 lollipops instead of 1. (This was another proud mother moment. Not.)
"BE QUIET!!!" I insist.
Scott justifies their behavior. "Mom, it's true! You really do get younger after a haircut!"

They are darn cute, aren't they???

Monday, October 5, 2009

Feedback from new moms

I especially love hearing how my book Permission to Mother is still helping moms with new babies see things for the better of the baby.

Here's from two moms who shared their thoughts! (Click on the title to take you to the full review.)

5th Baby and we finally are figuring things out....,

It has made me a stonger mother.

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