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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Before and Not-quite-after Photos

Today, I finally feel like showing some photos of our remodeling project. I've been taking lots of photos. Here is just a few. This WAS the wall unit in the biggest room of the house when we purchased it. Nice if you like Austin Power's stuff. There was a lot of eccentric shiny stuff. I was pretty excited to see what this unit taken apart and see what the room
would look like without the shelving.We found doors and paneling. It makes me wish I knew how the doors were used before covering them. I wish I had more history on this house. It's 35 years old. We got a photo album of the house at closing, but it did not show how this wall originally looked.

It's a gorgeous brick fireplace to the ceiling! Why was it ever covered? It's going to be cleaned this week and it works. When we first deciding if we should remove the wall unit, I never thought about removing the front glass doors (look back at the first photo).The glass and metal covered so much of this. I can't wait to see it cleaned.We knocked down a kitchen wall. Now you can see the fireplace across the house. Now, let me show you the foyer. The white door is a coat closet and it is going to become part of the laundry room which backs into it.From this view standing in front of the fireplace we have opened up that area and removed the jams closing in the foyer. We've opened up the separation from the foyer to the great room.

And notice the tile and ceiling is gone. The house is almost a shell only.

This is going to look SO different when we put it back together.

Maybe we'll be in by the end of the year?!

I can't wait to show final photos!


Christy said...

Wow! Beautiful fireplace. When you talked about "remodeling" the house, I didn't picture bare studs and concrete. What an undertaking. It'll be worth all the time, effort, and headaches to have a house that you want.

No wonder you've disappeared from blogland. :

crispy said...

I didn't realize you were doing such a huge remodel. I bet you will be thrilled when all the dust settles. It looks great.

Permission to Mother said...

Likewise, I am not sure that I understood what a huge project it would be to just get rid of a few ugly things!!

Becky R said...

wow. I love that fireplace (the uncovered one.) Your living room is about the size of the entire house I am buying. But it will be all mine (after 30 years of payments-lol)

I can't wait to see it all done.

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