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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dog Days

Great News! Scott is READING the newly published, Wimpy Kid book. This will be his first chapter book he's read. He is reading it out loud (to Max) in a quiet mutter. Scott is reading at a nice comprehensible pace. I am totally enjoying hearing him read and hearing him laugh at the funny parts. I see him improving each night as he gets further along into it. It took to being midway in Level 6 BartonReading to have enough reading vocabulary to have the ability to read an ordinary book for kids his age.

Scott is also doing Math U See, Beta level. Although he could add and subtract (and multiply) in his head, he has never put it on paper before. So for the visual part of math (and his confidence), I chose to start him off at this level. He is doing excellent. He has a strong foundation now in both math, reading and spelling. Last year he could not read the directions on any work sheets, let alone do the math problem. When he started doing the Math U See sheets, he asked, if Math U See and BartonReading were a conspiracy working together to form a curriculum. ((No, I told him, its just called language :) !)) He reads all the directions and word problems himself.

Scott is so curious, fortunately he is able to pursue his curiosity now and teaches himself by watching documentaries, asking everybody questions, and the Internet. He browses non-fiction books, too.

William is moving a long in his Language Arts class. Since all the reading, spelling, and language arts both boys are doing doesn't leave me much of my own creative time, I may post some of William's best writings.

Both boys are still in Tuesday night Hebrew school to keep them involved and Karate. Karate is no longer being offered in my neighborhood. Now, I have to drive them across town to their instructors other class. In the long run, we were going to transfer to that program anyways. The class is longer and more intense.

David is on a Math roll right now, so I am going to go with that while the force is strong. I don't see much progress in reading, but he likes his Scratch and Sketch books and activity books. He doesn't let me read out loud to him much. He also likes Tic Tac Toe and Connect Four.
The boys are all enjoying Max.


fitncrafty said...

Great news for Scott and all the boys! I Can't wait to read that book myself!

Love that photo too... Max is just too cute!!!

ScienceGeek said...

This is so wonderful. Congratulations on the rewards of your hard, hard work!

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