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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Special Time with David

Last night William and Scott both went to a sleep over birthday party. This was Scott's first time. He was pretty worried about missing Max. Scott said good bye to me, Max, and David. Scott of course, did fine, but I can tell Max really missed Scott being around. William goes right int his friends house. No good bye.

David was the only child last night. He did pretty good also. I took him and Max to the pumkin patch. David had a great time running around, picking out a pumkin and finding the right place for it on our porch. Then we took the old baby seat off my bike and attached the tandem bike, so David could ride right behind me. We went for a bike ride looking at decorated houses and to the playground.

David had fun helping me clip back some bushes and jumping in the pool.

David wanted to do a lesson like Scott does. I pulled out the first set of tile letters in Barton and with much repetition and Barton approach, David learned the sound that these letters make. yeah! he even sounded out S.A.T. We read a few books. He likes the book, Old MacDonald had a Farm.

David has been wanting to sleep right next to Max and he did last night.

Morning came fast and we went to pick up his brothers. Everyone missed each other and it was a quiet day. David was excited to show his brothers what he did. William missed his computer and Xbox games the most.

I also wanted to add that before the sleep over the boys and Max, went to the Mutt March sponsored byt the Humane Society. This was the boys first "walk-a-thon" type activity. They loved getting to see all kinds of dogs in real life.


samjhoskins said...

A question with much at stake. My wife sleeps almost all nights in my 4yo son's bed, which is in his bedroom 15 feet from our bedroom. He is an only child. If she relocates later to our bed, as soon as he calls out she will return to our son's bed, usually for the full night. My wife strongly believes that this practice is beneficial to our son, and that ending it (even in a gradual, caring way) would be harmful at this time in his life.

While there may be a marital intimacy issue wound into this, even more important is the question of whether this practice is potentially harmful for our son's individual development and for his concept of family roles.

I should add that our son has great difficulty, for a 4yo, in answering friendly questions, sharing toys, being away from mommy, and managing a very strong temper. He prefers that mommy do things for him and that she answer questions for him.

I'm not against our son sleeping in our bed some of the time. This issue is causing much family stress, so thanks for any insights.

Permission to Mother said...

You didn't really ask a question. But I'd bring him into your bed. You and your wife can go to another room when you want intimacy. Silly that she's sleeping in another room away from you on such aregular basis. If your bed is too small for three put his bed in your room.

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