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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

William's 2nd Semester Essay: Chaos at Dinner

This is the last of the essays. It's funny and unfortunately it's mostly true. Which one of William's papers did you like the most?

Chaos at Dinner

by William Coquelet

Dinnertime in my house is full of chaos. Let me explain to you what happens at dinnertime. ‘A note to the wise’ this isn’t pretty. The kitchen is usually a mess. My brother, David, is usually screaming because he wants to watch T.V. and also everyone hates my mom’s cooking.

The kitchen is usually a mess so my mom cannot find a pot, or a pan. As the oldest boy in the house it’s my job to unload the dishwasher but I procrastinate and my mom gets mad. The sink is usually stacked full of dirty dishes by the time I get to the dishwasher. My mom first has to clean the kitchen when she comes home from work in order to have space to make dinner and find the pots and pans.

David, my 6 year old brother, is always screaming before dinner because he wants to finish watching his T.V. show. My mom hates when he misses out on dinner and he wants to watch something stupid like Icarly instead. Besides, David is always full because he eats snacks throughout the entire day. He has such a big temper when he is hungry that we can’t hold him off. When we have to turn off the loud T.V and drag him to the kitchen he starts to scream and knocks things down. My mom wants a master remote control to turn off all the TV’s and computer at mealtime so there will be peace.

Usually when my mom cooks everyone hates what she is cooking. She likes to cook organic vegetables and things like Quinoa. It smells horrid. My Dad demands meat in all his dinners otherwise he thinks it isn’t a meal. When he was a kid there was huge dinners with meat and whatever was served with it. That’s how he was raised and he’s not going to change. She switches small details in Grandma’s recipes that ruin the entire dish. She tries to make the classic recipes healthy. There’s a dish called “Chinese rice” and it’s awesome it has brown rice, eggs, turkey meat, and soy sauce. It makes my mouth water. A month later my mom ruins the recipe by adding small crunchy carrots and disgusting onions. I hope she never changes my grandma’s yummy empanada recipe.

So when the kitchen is a mess, my brother is screaming, and the cooking is nasty, every one may seem to hate each other. But there is one thing everyone agrees on. Hey! Let’s eat out!

The only thing not true is my agreement to go out and eat, but you get the drift. I also was thinking how chaotic the evening is because we have karate or Hebrew in the evening. We are coming and going at the same time.


Elizabeth said...

Keep writing William!

Sam said...

This is so funny. I can't stop laughing. William you are a great writer, I love your honesty. LOVE IT!!!

Trish Chibas said...

okay... This might be my favorite post! I can just picture him saying all this. Too funny! He's a great writer!

Becky R said...

sounds like dinner at my house, such good writing though

Becky R said...

I have to tell you my younger sister who is 20 just told me she was pregnant last week. This is her first baby and she is not amrried so she knows nothing of babies. I ordered her your book and she said she read it all today and loved it. She wants to nurse. I am so happy. Thanks!

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