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Monday, October 26, 2009

William's Bio about ME

A Biography of my Mom

By William Coquelet

My mom, Denise Lynne Punger, was born in Queens, New York, XXXXX X, 19XX.

She’s lived in different states like Long Island, New York, all over Georgia, and Florida. She’s a New Yorker and still has that accent.

She has traveled to many Eastern states, the Islands, Washington, Vancouver, and Alaska.

She married my Dad on October 15, 1994. They had a double wedding at my Grandma’s house with her sister, my Aunt. My mom and dad met in medical school.

She became a doctor so she can teach people about babies. She also likes writing about her experiences. She authored a book, Permission to Mother. In her book she wrote about me and my brothers when we were babies. She likes to write about our births so other women can have better births. She compares the births of me and my brothers to what she was taught in medical school.

I hear my birth story a lot but it’s really my third brother’s birth that was amazing. She planned a homebirth. I was six. One of my jobs was to tell her what color the baby’s hair was when I could see the head. Well, I saw toes. “It’s toes!” I said innocently. My dad flipped out when he saw the toes. But my mother’s midwife acted like everything was normal and my brother was born just fine except he had a lump on his head. It went away on its own and he’s just a cute brat now. My other job was to take pictures and I took a picture of what I saw and it’s my mother’s favorite birth photo. I took better photos than my dad and her friends that were there. My mother also likes taking photos and taught me a lot about her camera.

My mother, already questioning the whole educational system, really questioned it after my brother’s birth. This might explain why she started homeschooling us. She takes me and my brother to the same karate and Hebrew school, but at home we are in different books and different curriculums. She never expected how differently each of us learns. I like computer stuff and virtual school. My 11 year old brother is dyslexic and she taught him to read and do math a totally different way. She wonders how you could put all kids in the same school system and expect them to be equal learners. She says I’d probably do okay in any learning system, but is convinced that my brothers would not adjust. She is very happy that there is virtual school. My mother also likes computer stuff. She also has a blog as the same title of the book.

She is inspired by her patients. She writes in her book about some unique lessons her patients teach her. In the book the stories are all related to birth and breastfeeding. Now that we are older she writes more about teaching us. She also is trying to feed us healthy. She tries to make us eat organic vegetables and salads. I prefer barbeque pork and chicken. Her next book will probably about older kids.

Even though she has a career she says that being my mom is best of all.


Elizabeth said...

You're Awesome, William. I miss you guys! You are all great kids and I am happy to see you writing like your mom. Writing is a wonderful way to communicate. Your ideas are broadcast across the country and maybe even the world!

Orlando Realtor said...

Pretty close to the real story. And if anyone knows...I know.
Love grandma

Pamela Nadav said...

Hi William,
I enjoyed your "William's Bio about Me" very much- it brought back alot of happy and hectic memories for me when dinner was in a picnic basket in my chocolate brown Dodge Caravan driving from one kid's activity to another!I am reading your Mom's book (and love it!) and promised her a book review on I got off track this Spring taking care of my "baby", my youngest son,( he is 25 years old, still my baby!) Daniel was very ill with pneumonia for 6 weeks in the hospital, but thanks to G-D much better now- he is a living miracle!We even added to his Hebrew name- Chaim Daniel Benjamin ben Sarah (my middle name)- which is a Jewish custom when someone is so sick that they need Divine intervention. I am happy that you enjoy Hebrew School and Karate even though it makes dinner time super busy!I remember those hectic dinnertimes and now as a "Savta"- Hebrew for Grandma, dinner times are very serene with me and my husband and the swaying of the eucalyptus trees out the front window.Enjoy your family times and keep on writing! I look forward to reading more of your stories...All the best to you and your family!
B'Shalom, Pamela Nadav of L'Mazeltov: Your Personal Guide to Jewish Childbirth Education. website- and email-

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