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Saturday, October 24, 2009

William's Huge Allowance Essay

William was assigned a topic to write an expository essay... Notice how food and gaming is always on his mind.

My Huge Allowance

I have huge dreams for when I get a bigger allowance. My plans include adding a whole addition to our house and putting TV’s, Xbox’s, and surround sound in to the new room. I would decorate my room with a bunch of Halo and Call of Duty posters. This would be awesome if I ever get the chance to get a bigger allowance.

First, if I had a bigger allowance I would add an extra room in my house. To get in the room you would have to go through my bedroom. Then you would enter through a private door, and that would be the gaming room. But of course I would have a password so only my friends could get in and I could keep baby brothers out. On the other side of the gaming room there would be a secret slot in the wall like a bar and my mom could serve us food and refreshments.

The second thing I would do with all my allowance is buy four, fifty inch TV’s which would be the best quality TV’s for playing video games on. They would also be high definition. I would also buy four Xbox’s so I can have “all-nighterXbox parties.

The third thing I would do with my big allowance would be to buy a surround sound speaker system, like Bose or Digital Dolby. I would also buy a ton of Halo and Call of Duty posters to cover the walls. I would try to buy as my friends would say, “the most ‘epic’ posters ever”.

If only I had a bigger allowance and could afford all this stuff! I could actually have these ‘epic’ “all-nighterXbox parties. I’ll even host a gaming tournament in that room or a surprise birthday party for a friend, or something like that. My mom would make us a bunch of cookies and sweets. We could even order chicken wings. YUM! Oh, but of course I’ll do my daily Language Arts lessons before going to the game room!

William Coquelet

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