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Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

My holiday weekend was productive and restful with my family.
We started by going to my mother's house for Thanksgiving. We always get a good meal there. It's a lot easier to drive to Orlando than to make dinner. :)
I didn't get stuck with too much cleaning either because I took Scott to my Grandmother's assisted living with the Max during clean up.

My grandmother hasn't been able to ambulate (walk a round) since she has broke her hip over a year ago. She is only up for quick short visits in between the card games she enjoys. She's 94!

Scott wants to get Max certified as a therapy dog which means he can (officially) bring him to nursing homes, classrooms and other places that request this service.

Scott got a prerequisite out of the way for therapy dog certification this weekend. Max was evaluated For the AKC's award, Good Canine Citizen this weekend and passed. To pass Max had to walk on a loose lead, sit, lay, stay, be handled by strangers and stay with the evaluator without Scott for a few minutes. She also pushed some carts by Max to see how he responded. Scott is Max's handler. He's go the knack! I am just the driver.

My mother also started a 4x6 square foot garden. I am hoping to do the same. I've been taking a bunch of notes on how to begin. She also helped me pick out paint colors for my new house. One day I WILL LIVE THERE! Seems like that time will never come!
The boys went to Dekker farms. We picked strawberries. The boys enjoyed the new goats there. And they like Laurens farm and horses and dog also. She's got a garden going, too. Everyone is making a vegetable garden look real easy....
My boys also had a karate promotion exam this past week. William and Scott will test for Black Belts in February. Dates to be announced (either the 13th or 20th). They have had over three years of training in this class, but also had a year and a half in Georgia in TKD.
We've accomplished alot this weekend. It was nice to not be on such a tight weekday schedule!


Kristen's Raw said...

Great pictures! :) Great weekend! :)

Orlando Realtor said...

Denise....sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving plan! I wonder what your mom thought about it? :) (LOL)

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