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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vampires vs. Werewolves

I promised my kids last weekend if they could hold out on opening weekend, I'd go see New Moon with them this weekend. On the way in to the theatre the kids were playing and asking me if I was on the vampires team or the werewolves team. (I'm now such a dog person, I picked werewolves.) I was also trying to remember the last time I went to a movie theatre.... I couldn't remember being in a theatre since being back in Florida.... the last movie I could remember was Cold Mountain while I lived in Georgia. I had 2 month old David nursing through the show, and I remember bawling when the baby was exposed and abandoned in the cold night. I did go to private showings of Business of Being Born and Orgasmic Birth since than.

So, my kids thought it was really special that I went to the movie with them! John takes them all the time. I don't care for the loud speakers, the junk food, and I especially hate being packed in like sardines in a theatre. The theatre fortunately wasn't packed. And the rows were pleasantly elevated. Also, I often don't "get" movies. There is usually way to much drama for me.

William read all four books in the sequence. Scott listened to the audio version and I enjoyed listening to most of series with him as my time allowed. Enough to get the drift. David has the Twilight DVD. I don't get to sit through movies much at home either. I only caught little bits and pieces of it. Am I the only one who hasn't watched Twilight (but listened to the audio)?

So what did I think of the movie? I liked the werewolves. Jake's facial features and coloring are similar to the Peruvian features of John and his brothers and cousins and even William, in my opinion. Yep, I like the werewolves. That's my favorite part. Blush. I liked and even laughed at the dog jokes.

If I had not "read" the book, I don't think I would of understood the movie. I don't think like "Hollywood." Listening to the audio I thought how powerful the prologue was that Bella dreamed she was her grandmother. I would have never realized that was her if I only watched the movie? So right from the start I found myself recalling the book rather than watching the movie. I thought the movie story, moved a little slow, but each scene was quick and bounced around and if I didn't know the story I would have not kept up. I talk with my boys a lot about movies vs. book. I enjoy getting to have those discussions.

I am glad I listened to the audio. I actually thought it was a great story for both my boys to read. I thought the character, plot, and dialogue were very descriptive and imaginative. Like William told me then, "You know everything she is thinking." I like how the books described facial expressions and body language and the meaning of eye color and how it relates to mood and plot. I missed that in the movie. Hollywood mostly concentrated on lips flirting and brushing up with one another. :)
There is good lessons in the book about mortality, aging, and value of life. This series is excellent teen reading, especially because teens think they are invincible. I like how much detail the book gave to the history and background of the vampires and wolves. I like how the Cullens were human friendly and wolves persued evil vampires. Nice balance.

Our movie audience was interactive. For example, they "whewed" and "whistled" when Jacob took off his shirt. (For the record and unfortunately my Peruvians don't share his ripped physique.) The audience "awed" when Edward gave Bella the condition in which he would change her. William goes to a lot of movies and never sat in an interactive audience. He was very impressed. (He obviously hasn't gone to see Rocky Horror in the theatre!)

When I told John that I thought his brothers look like the werewolves, he tried teasing me and telling me they were part wolves.

And one more kind of related story. John ran in to my first obstetrician a few days ago. My birth was traumatic, but he was a good guy. John announced at dinner he saw Dr. Collins.

"Who that?" the boys asked.

"Evan Collins, he delivered William."

You know in the next book, Bella's baby gets delivered by the Vampire doctor. David thought John said Edward Cullen. I love his little perspective on ALL that he's seen and heard.

" YOU mean William was delivered by a vampire?"

1 comment:

fitncrafty said...

I am SO glad that you went to the movies with everyone! I loved it...
Team Jacob!!!

I agree about the descriptions in the book and they made the movie mean so much more...

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