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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Scott's Reading Update

Sometimes I share our updates with someone in real life or other setting and I forget I didn't update my blog.

I finally finished Level 6 of BartonReading with Scott. We covered the 6 reasons for silent e. Now we are on to Level 7, Vowel R syllabyles. Hooked on Phonics supposively covered Vowel R. At the time, 2 years ago, Scott told me it made no sense. (In case you are a new to my blog, Hooked on Phonics is totally useless. I've tried it with three sons and it helped none.) Finally I am going to be able to explain the logic behind vowel R. We started BartonReading Mid February 2009 and put in time 5-6 times a week. It's easy to forget how far we have come and how much progress we have made in reading, spelling, and handwriting.

Scott's doing a good job researching his topics. He continues to read about dogs, but he also is reading about exotic pets ike sugar gliders, and hybrids like the wolfdog . I set him up with an email account this week to fascilitate his on-line research. His reading his fluent, but slower than the natural reader. He focuses and has great comprehension.

Despite not being a natural reader, he is a natural learner. I will be able to let him take the lead for his other subjects other than math ,and reading & spelling. When I come home from work he is just busting to tell me all that he has learned. This is what we strive for as homeschooling mothers! He is also researching career opportunities. He is looking into vet and exotic vet opportunities.

He really likes the Math U See approach to multiplication. For the most part, he mentally knows his facts. He has to learn how to communicate them on paper and learn multiple digit multiplication. Oh, he did know most of his facts before, but for 6, 7, 8, and 9's it wasn't a very organized approach and quite time consuming to wait for his verbal answer. Mr. Demme makes it so much simpler.

Max makes life so much better for Scott. Scott is handling and training Max well and takes much pride in his skills to be a pack leader. He's in the photo with our friend Misty. Misty is (was) afraid of dogs, but not Max! Not anymore! Scott really likes working with Max to bring pleasure to others.

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ScienceGeek said...

I think this is awesome. Scott has come so far! It's great how he has a passion for learning. That's what's going to get our kids to do the hard work it takes for them to learn. JD is reading well, but his reading is on the slow side. I find that letting him pick out the books that he's passionate about-the ones that really interest him- keep him reading and therefore will give him fluency practice.

I love that Scott is already looking into career paths! Susan said in her seminar that for every hour we spend tutoring our kids, we should spend another hour training them in the area of their strengths. Sounds like that's exactly what you are doing.

Great job, you guys!

Permission to Mother said...

What does JD like to read about? Does he like fiction or non-fiction. Scott really likes reading to learn.

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