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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bedwetting, Homeschool, Dyslexia, Round 2 Barton,

David has continued to wet the bed almost nightly (what a way to start this post). Sometimes, if I get him to pee a few times before he falls asleep AND he didn't have a lot to drink, he'd make it through the night dry. But mostly not. I have followed a behavioral bedwetting program that I like a lot. I'd been following the success of it for many years on-line and within the practice. I like that it is does not require medication. David won't sleep with the alarm attached. Since that is one component of the program, I couldn't progress him. Today he had a kidney and bladder ultrasound at Diagnostic Imaging (for John's sake) and it was normal. Tonight he got his first dose of DDAVP an oral medication to help him keep dry. We'll see...

As far as school goes:

David likes to do a few minutes a day of school work. He likes to be like his brothers ( I wouldn't mind if he wanted to be UNSCHOOLED for awhile longer. In reading and spelling we are working on the sounds of the small letters. He has completed most of the procedures in Level 2, Lesson 1 of BartonReading. I was pleasantly surprised that when I dictated, map, bam, pap, bat, and nonsense words, fas and baf, he could hold his pencil and spell them correctly and eagerly on paper from memory. It's taken a lot of practice to sound out these short words. For example he'd sound out "map" as Maaah Aaaaah paaaah. It's easy for me to see confusion.

b p confusion--yes

f t confusion--yes

h n confusion--yes

But I know how to deal with it and with lots and lots and lots of practice, he gets it. Sure many kids his age (6 1/2) can read, but David will never be behind. Nor will he ever been in a situation where is is competing with book worms in the classroom damging his ego until it is his desire to be in group settings.

What a difference a year of studying with BartonReading has made with Scott! We started mid February last year. Scott came to work with me this morning. It was his first day on the job. He is going to assemble charts and do some odd clerical chores around the office. He wants to come in one morning a week (with Max). He did a really good job this morning. He has a few things he wants to save his money for and he is very motivated to work. After we are settled into the new house, I am thinking Max and Scott will be good sitter for toddlers. And he likes to walk and care for dogs.

Scott reads daily now. While I get him through the double digit multiplication lessons, I probably won't forge ahead with fromal reading lessons too much. He could probably handle it, but I can only handle so much academics. He picks up quickly.

Finally William made it through his fractions module. It dragged on and on.... I don't really like the 7th grade FLVS math curriculum. It's the first class I have not liked. I AM THE ONE WHO CAN'T WAIT FOR WILLIAM to be done with it.

It's the third week of attending karate three times a week. Three more weeks till black belt testing. The boys are very excited.

The boys have a tuxedo occasion coming up. Uncle Ed is getting married. He gave the boys choices of what to wear. Unanimously they voted on tuxes. They WANT to look nice.

David is in the photo sitting in one of the newly bedrooms.

We are very excited about all that is going on.


cty said...

My boys are all grown up now, But DDAVP was the greatest thing for them. When puberty hit, the hormonal changes made medication unnecessary.

Ann said...


I wonder if you know about Svetlana Masgutova's work which focusses on correcting the reflexes that don't develop in utero or the first three years of life.

I am dyslexia and hyperlexic and her work had a major impact on helping me overcome some of the challenges I faced. You can read more about my story on
You can read about Svetlana Magustova on and there is an excellent Yahoo support group, Children With Challenges. They often talk about issues like bedwetting. Here's the link to this group.

All the best.

Ann Farris

Becky R said...

My 6 year still wets the bed as well. I have tried no drinks, waking him in the middle of the night, etc., but to no avail. My older son also wet the bed for a long time, but stopped around 9. This is one of those parenting things that no one warned me about, so thanks for blogging about it.

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