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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good Start of a New Year

John had coverage at the hospital this weekend starting Thursday morning and he sure was in a rush to get to his parents house. I on the other hand was thinking how much decisions I was suppose to turn into Steve, our contractor, to keep the remodeling moving forward. I took an impatient John over to the house early Thursday and to my surprise we got a lot done! And it is so much easier when your husband is there making some big decisions with you (It seems he is always working when I need to finalize something.). We finalized interior paint color, floor and bathroom tile layout detail, carpet choice in the bedrooms, interior door profile and style. With that in mind I could relax as we left town. RELAX. Yes, finally relax.

The practice had coverage and the house is left in good hands. We did go over to home depot by his mother's and look at light fixtures and door handles. I have a list of preliminary styles and hopefully we will be seeing the finished product real soon. The cabinetry will be installed this week.

We are low key on New years Eve. It's always a time to rest after a hectic December. We spent it at John's mother with his brother, his fiancee and her two teens. The adults were all sleeping to bring in the new year. The kids were playing a variety of board games.

Scott's been taking long walks with me. And it was nice that he walked 9o minutes with me yesterday after the storm stopped. I explained to him how my sister and mother go to Zumba-thons and some people do New Year's day marathons to bring in the new year. This was our version of a walk-a-thon. This morning he helped me harvest the citrus off Irma's trees. There is not as much grapefruit as last year. She gets the best lemons. They are bigger than a tennis ball and thinned skin and so sweet. Also we have a few fresh oranges and tangerines. She also grows sugar cane for the novelty. She showed us how to harvest the cane and suck the juice. I was looking on google to see if I can find anything else to do with the cane sticks. Use it as a stick to sweeten tea or other beverage? Scott really loved sucking the juice. And we all had to hear a story how John has memories of sucking cane on the high altitude trains in Peru as a little boy. David expected sugar cane to be about the same as candy cane so he was a bit disappointed. The cane should grow well at my new place, so we have transplanted some. For me, I always like trying new things. so it was fun entertainment.

John's brother is in the Mason's fraternity and William is attending a meeting with Ed this morning. I can't wait to hear what he has to say about it. being 13, I imagine he'll tell me it was boring. It wasn't XBOX live after all.

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Becky R said...

Happy New Year! What a nice new year's you had.

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