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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Produce Day

I haven't posted about Produce Day in awhile. It's definitely a good thing for me to keep journaling about the produce and keep up with what I receive and how I use it. I find myself not using it up as fast if I don't keep track. I do like looking back at my blog for recipe ideas.

We got:
broccoli crowns - dipping this in dip from Kristen's Raw newsletter
carrots - same, also juicing
baby bok choy - my least favorite green. Juiced some and will put some in a smoothie. The rest I gave away.
cucumber - cucumber dill salad with an oil-free vinaigrette
red leaf lettuce - salads and wraps
cremini mushroom - gave away, but I FINALLY have an idea for the next time how to disguise them and eat them
russet potato -
shallot - I hardly ever use these and I am looking forward to trying a different kind of onion where I would normally use onion.
sunchoke(jerusalem artichoke) - would like suggestions please.
roma tomato
braeburn apples
navel orange
atsuma mandarin

Fruit Share: Kent mango, bluberries, and kiwi.

I've been so fortunate to have some produce from friend's gardens. I have enjoyed kale, chard and herbs especially. I love Raw Kale salads and adding chard leaves to my colorful salads.

During the holidays and not wanting to be an extra burden on all our relatives and friends sharing their cooking with us I deviated much more from my rigid eating program than I usually do (still with lots of salads and smoothies as the other meals). I definitely felt heavier.

One of my friends told me that after the holidays she was going on a juice cleanse for two weeks and she wanted a partner to keep each other accountable. I am a tough accountability partner. I am not sure she really wanted to live up to my standards of accountability. :)

But anyway after the holidays I am back to my green smoothies, salads and overall healthy dinners. I am doing my workouts while the boys are in karate. And I get a message from my friend while I am in Publix. She tells me she started her juice thing and was hoping I was in. I had a good day so far of sticking with my program and I left Publix clean without ANY processed snacks or food requiring cooking (just because of her message). I can't remember what I ate that night, but it was a Raw day and I was feeling good. With produce day the next day and knowing I was getting all the things above, I saw the potential for two Raw days in a row, maybe even three... Well, three days has turned into 9 days.

I've been burning up my Blend Tec, and food processor and dehydrator and enjoying quite a variety of new recipes which will be another post. To say the least I have had no problem losing the holiday pounds. I feel my endurance at the gym amazingly improving. I can't attribute it all to "training" because I haven't been "training" very long. I have energy because I am eating so amazingly healthy. I have even run. I haven't run since about 17 weeks pregnant with William(14 years ago). Tonight I did 30 minutes on a cybex elliptical/stepper kind-of-machine and another 3o minutes on the treadmill--I walked for 2-3 minutes and than ran 2-3 minutes kept alternating. The hour seemed to go by fast.

I also checked my lipids today. My cholesterol has always been around 156- 165 for the past 20 years whenever I check it (which of course is good on the standard american diet). Today it was 140. My triglycerides were 56, HDL 47, VLDL 11, LDL 82. All those values were much better compared to previous checks including while doing sugar-free. Obviously now I am sugar-free and heavy on the plant based products.

I am checking the boy's profiles too. I have Scott's back. He is the best eater and now he is wanting to eat like me. His chol is 147 and he had very low tri, VLDL, LDL. I wasn't really too concerned about him, but now that's it done, I am glad he has a baseline and has another reason to justify eating healthy.


fitncrafty said...

Glad to see you posting again about your produce. I am so envious of all that fresh stuff... as I watch the snow come down!!

I am drinking a green smoothie as I type. It oddly enough turned black(and really unappetizing) from the new spirulina I purchased, good news is that both Nikolas and Ariana drank some with their breakfast and I am on my way to cycling class so I will be good and finish my smoothie!

Also, my kids LOVED cucumber and carrot juice (with an apple or two). It was so freshing and wonderful!

Have a great day!!

Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

I just found another's farmers market here. But it is only a once a week thing so I'll have to plan carefully. I am enjoying reading your book. You make me want to be more sensitive to my child. Around the house I feel like I can't get much done unless he is sleeping or in his swing or on the boppie. Sometimes I wear him but lately he has been protesting. I ordered a new sturdier carrier from a wahm mom on etsy (a mei tai) and when that comes I hope it is the solution to all my worries!
I think it is awesome that you have been able to stay sensitive to your children's needs without worrying about what other people might think. Especially since you are a doctor, it is cool. I wish I had a king bed then I might think more about the cosleeping thing, but as it is I can't sleep a wink if my kiddo is right next to me. If he breathes louder than normal or makes any sort of noise it wakes me up, not to mention his flailing arms and leg movements throughout the night. We do keep him right next to us in an inexpensive pack and play, so I can easily hear him and get to him when I need to.
I guess if everyone always slept in the same room then you wouldn't have to worry about everyone having their own room in a house. But then I kind of wonder how mom and dad ever reproduce. When the kids aren't babies anymore then you can only "do it" if they are not around. Curious how that worked for you. Maybe it was a nice form of birth control with no side effects...?
Btw you also convinced me to give cloth diapers a try. We are starting with gdiapers and I just ordered some cloth inserts and other cloth diaper necessities. I created a new blog about such life changes I am making-
Hopefully you sneak on over every so often and give your two cents.

Becky R said...

I love reading about your success. I am so inspired to try but not really sure what to do. Plus having a very limited food budget is hard.

Do you cook separate meals for your family?

So right now you are only eating smoothies with fresh fruits and veggies?

I would love some help!!!

Misty said...

I made a green smoothie today for lunch; my girls thought it looked "gross" but loved the taste! =) Would you mind sharing sometime what you eat on raw days to get enough caloric intake and well balanced??


Permission to Mother said...

Becky and Misty, I answered some of your questions in the new blog post. Green Smoothie Girl, one of the blogs I often link to is a single mother and very practical as far as finances.

Capt'n wife, I may soon answer your bed sharing post in a post.

Becky R said...


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