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Friday, January 29, 2010

What Raw things I ate This Week.

Smoothies- are a complete meal when I drink 4 cups and have spinach or other greens in it. Sometimes I add aloe from my garden for B12 or powdered supplements.

Salad- My salads vary. Some examples are raw kale toss (heart), chard mixed in with lettuce for color and texture, ginger carrot, cucumber dill, tomato basil.... I don't add egg, cheese, or croutons anymore. I haven't in a long time.

If a have one smoothie and one salad a day I am 2/3 there. For the past 2 years, I am in the routine of doing this on most days.
Citrus is in season. I love juicing grapefruit and oranges together for fresh juice. I like the taste of the different varieties mixed together.

I have a worn out breville juicer. I didn't use it much this week. I had pears and bok choy from co-op and a left over beet. I juiced them together.
Vegetable patties-- I've been wanting a veggie burger recipe for a while and who knew I'd find a raw recipe I liked. First I made it as April describes. The second time I modified it to my taste. I put a zucchini, delicata squash (from co-op), carrot, onion and apple in my food processor. I mixed that with avocado, sesame seeds, and seasoned with taco seasoning. I really liked how this came out. I put the finished burger on a lettuce bed with slice tomato topped with avocado and cilantro and lentil sprouts. The photo is before they went in the dehydrator.

Salsa and Guacamole are both easily made raw. I never ate either in my SAD days, so I do not know if there are heated recipes for this out there. All I know is the unheated version and I love them. Both of my recipes came from green smoothie girl 12 step program.

I made corn chips* to go with my S & G. I sliced the corn off the corn myself. In did this before. I never ate raw corn. It is delicious. I will be eating raw corn again. In fact I saved a cob so I can slice off some corn for a salad or pattie. The corn went in to the blender with flax seed, cilantro, and lime. I spread it out on my dehydrator trays. And hours later I had deliciously sweet corn chips. I will be doing this again.

I made apple sauce in my blender. It's easy to add supplements to apple sauce.

Chia pudding. I suppose this is a knock off of rice pudding. I never liked rice pudding. Chia is interesting how quickly it absorbs the liquid and becomes pudding. It's very filling. I made it with the holiday spices the first time and than the next time made it with carob powder. I will be making this again.
Banana Hemp shake. I sliced and froze my bananas. to prep ahead of time. The texture of this is better than a frosty (which I have not had in years and don't miss). It tastes great too. I wish I had frozen bananas right now to make one. The author of chia and banana hemp is pregnant now and doing a high raw diet.

Carob Delight made from sprouted almond milk. This was a frozen treat, I made in my ice cream maker. My kids loved it! Everyone loved this one including John. What a healthy dessert.
When you make almond milk, you have left over pulp. I put the pulp in my dehydrator and made raw cookies. (Ok they are not oreos, they are not even Back to Nature Cookies, but they did provide me with something to nibble on.

Apple Pie. Honestly, I never ate much apple pie before and I like the healthier version. I've made this several times already in the past few years. When I haven't had enough nuts, I have substituted some raw oat groats.

Seasoned Spouted Sunflower* seeds with Tamari seasoning.
The worse thing was my sour kraut. I've tried it several times. I must be doing something wrong.

One disclaimer-- some of my powdered seasonings may not be truly raw. I started stocking up on more seasonings, chia, hemp, carob, cacoa powder and nibs, tamari, while doing sugar-free. Most are high quality, but not all are specifically raw. When I need to stock up, I will pay closer attention.

To answer some questions you guys sent me:
My sons tried most everything I made. Scott is right on board with me. He wants to continue including raw food into his diet especially up to his black belt exam.

John hates everything I make. I figured if he is never happy with what I cook anyway, what did I have to loose, by telling him I am not cooking for 2 weeks. He has tried most everything. But he is more happy, if I don't cook, it's his chance to eat pepperoni pizza, steak, oreos, frozen twice baked potatoes.... if he does it himself. None of this appeals to me. (Well, maybe the oreos, but I am not intellectually interested...) I be happy to have his support, but it is what it is.

William tends to eat what John serves. I am sure he eats more fruit than many teens. He ate a lot of fruit this week.

David has a tiny appetite. Just tasting things fill him up. So he ate some of my good stuff but unfortunately goes to the dark side with John and William.

Overall, I feel my job is to prepare healthy meals. I did my job. I am not obligated to serve garbage. I don't expect my boys to go all out like me so I did prepared hard boiled eggs, chicken with the left over Tamari seasoning from the sunflower seeds, and had yogurt available to them and lots of fruit, raisins, nuts. I don't want their only other choice to be John's food. I did not make totally separate meals for each meal. I told Scott as an 11 year old growing boy his needs may not be like mine. He needs to eat what I prepare, but he should also eat other foods and see how he feels. I think he is doing very well as far as nutrition goes.

As far as protein goes, This week, I had chia, hemp, sesame seeds, sprouted lentils, spinach, kale, avocado, sprouted sunflower seeds, and sprouted almonds. (Sprouting is easy.) I probably had too much protein and should juice more greens! I certainly had higher quality protein than John. I don't see any reason to think I am not getting enough calories. You can look at me and know I get enough calories. :) But I do feel lots better. I am intrigued on what other people say about their raw diets and have been working towards collecting enough recipe to sustain this for a bit. I want to know why other people stick with this 100%. This was a good month since I had no travel obligations.

* From Eating without Heating by teens Sergio and Vayla Boutenko


Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

Hmm your food looks good. I tried making corn chips in my dehydrator with raw corn on the cob and they ended up having a nasty rotten taste behind them. I couldn't figure out what it was that made them taste so bad! That's too bad about your DH who hates everything you make! I think mine just decided that if he doesn't like it so much he just won't express it so much so I don't get my feelings hurt. I guess I'm a little sensitive there. I wouldn't worry about "calories", I mean they aren't nutrients right? Your body should feel good as long as it has enough of each vitamin, mineral, and plenty of water content! Have you found anything sweet and crunchy that is a super delicious concoction? I keep having a craving for that.

Permission to Mother said...

Try making gthe corn chips again. If my corn is sweet enough, I don't think I will add any additional sweetener. The recipe was the same in GSG and the teens book. I'd probably like more salt and lime.

As far as husbands go, I am pretty sensitive, too. It really annoys me that he gets no enjoyment out of healthy food I make and sitting at our own table. Your husband seems a bit more willing. Of course, I don't call anything raw around him.

Sweet and crunchy? Robyn's almond joy? I am thinking you want something more like crackers or cookies?

Becky R said...

I wonder if you will help me. Since reading about you giving up sugar I have been thinking that is what I need to do. So I want to give up: sugar, dairy, & fast food completely. Can you recomend some books, sites? I can't afford to buy any systems as I am a single mom and not even working right now. But I can go to library. My health is really bad and I need to do something about it. Thankss o much!

Tammie said...

MmmmMmm you are making me HUNGRY! It all sounds and looks fabulous!

Natacha said...

This looks wonderful!! Keep on keeping on with the Delicious food you are creating! Hopefully one of these days sooner, rather than later your DH's palate will adjust and prefer REAL food ;)
I know that's what I keep telling myself about mine! LoL

Permission to Mother said...

I went cold turkey giving up sugar. I don't necessarily recommend that approach because I didn't know what else to eat at the time. Now, I recommend to many to make a big jump start by incorporating a green smoothie in your daily routine(the approach at I respect your budget. If you don't have a blender are you able to make sure you eat a fresh salad with two meals and fresh fruit at breakfast. In other words eat something raw before your main meal.

Also Tammie (who left a comment) has a lot of recipes that I use. I've followed Capt'n Amazing (also left a comment) cooking blog for awhile. She's been getting healthy at a similar pace to me.

Perhaps I'll expand this into an upcoming post, soon. :)

Misty said...

Thanks!! YOu have given me some yummy ideas =) The corn chips sound really good....I do not have a dehydrator though....maybe someday!

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