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Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter Excercise Schedule

I've been struggling with what to do with myself while my boys are in karate three nights a week 'til the black belt exam. The location of the karate class moved 20 minutes away. It use to be in my neighborhood and I would walk or come home and make dinner or have time to myself. Before daylight savings I walked on the beautiful trails at the new location. After the change, it made it hard to take walks in the dark. I don't want to watch the boys in class for 90 minutes while I do nothing but sit and grow (and first come home with the need to still exercise). I want an invigorating workout. I spied a local gym near the karate facility. I felt for sure John would be against it. But when the cold weather set in last week, I finally asked him what he thought if I joined. I expected a ton of resistance. He simply said, "Good idea, I've been thinking about joining myself." Whew.

While driving to karate that night, we talked about what kind of gym it might be. He said he didn't want a meat head gym. "Why, you jealous?" He got himself out of it explaining he wanted more than free weights and grunting. I warned him that this wasn't LA Fitness or South Beach. It's small and close to where we will be spending a lot of time in the upcoming weeks. I'd be happy with a few machines and an elliptical for a total body work out.

We get to the gym. John is reminiscing how being here tonight is like when we were dating. (In other words, I work out and he hangs out.) He has a favorite story from dating. He was spotting me on the incline bench press. He looked down my tank and while I am pressing, he says, "Nice view from here." While pressing I automatically replied, "enjoy the scenery," and kept on going with my reps without interruption. It's not that funny, but John thinks it is.

It's not a meat head gym. It's not crowded. We got in a good work out. The three nights a week John and I bring our boys down we have something constructive to do, together. It felt so good to have the satisfaction of a good workout. As we leave the owner tells me they have a spinning class the next night, which is not a karate night. I've enjoyed spinning in the past and lit up. John saw how happy I looked and agreed that I could take the time to myself the next evening.

It turns out, I got out of the office timely and our friend Mary said she would take the boys to her house while I was gone (and they had a great time). John seemed to still be busy at the hospital. So with the path clear, I headed to the gym. Very excited to be going to my first class in 10 years, I started wondering what ever happened to my workouts and why I stopped going. I took spinning classes at MM when William and Scott were babies. I recalled that I was the mother who was often called out of class to console (and nurse) my kids. Now they are way past that, I should be able to fit this in. On my way while driving, I received phone calls. Not relaxing. It didn't seem like the rest of the world knew I needed this time. The traffic was heavy and despite being on the phone, I made it in time. I even text my sister where I was going because I wanted her to be a part of it. I knew she would be happy for me.

Well, as it turns out, all the spinning bikes were taken by a larger than expected turn out. So I did not participate in the class and it was quite sobering to realize how much effort I put into getting there and the co-operation I had from my family only to be disappointed. That's the reality of being a mother and wife, you don't always--you rarely--get to be selfish about your time.... I could barely get there on time, let alone early enough to reserve a bike. The stress of making it to spinning and/or any workouts at a gym get lost behind other priorities. It's been a week, tomorrow night is the class again and as a family we decided I am needed at home (in fact I need to be at both houses tomorrow night).

But keeping perspective, the real reason I joined this gym is so that three days a week I can exercise while my boys are in their class. John wanting to go with me even if we do our own thing is the bonus. And if he thinks the view is still great all the power to him and our marriage. Maybe another week will allow me the opportunity to spin (the remodel will be finished one day, they will be black belts, we will be done with fractions module...), but in the meantime Scott and Max will walk with me briskly in the evenings on nights opposite to karate. I do enjoy walking and talking to them and we can go out whatever time works for us without the stress of traffic and carving time away from my kids in my schedule.

And that is my current current exercises schedule....

PS- Black Belt testing, which involves self-defense fighting 10 guys (and girls) in succession, is scheduled for Friday, Feb 19th. at 6:00. Family and friends are invited.


Trish Chibas said...

I think that story about "the view" is HILARIOUS! That's awesome you and John get to go to the gym together. I wish Philipe and I could go together but we have to take turns watching the wee ones. I'm sure you'll be able to get your spin class in sometime soon. I bet you're going to feel great working out 3 times a week. I know it's like medicine for me. Once you move, maybe we can be walking buddies! With Max and Scott, of course....

fitncrafty said...

Denise, thanks for answering my question albeit I had to find it in your blog.

sorry to hear about the spin class, I am certain that you will find yourself in one sometime soon. January is the hardest because everyone is trying to fill their resolutions... by March, we you are moved and your boys are black belts and fractions are done, less people will be going to the gym and you should be able to get a bike.

I am happy for you for sure! Maybe someday we will be meeting in Orlando for Minne Mouse's girls half marathon. :)

Christy said...

Glad to hear you found a way to workout during karate class, esp with John, what a huge bonus.

The walks with Scott and Max sound good too ... exercise and bonding, what more could ya ask for?

OOoooo a half marathon? Training starts again in July if you're looking for a training group! Speedy, average, and slow runners, and a speedy, average and slow walkers too!

Running is my only "alone" time, and I look foward to it 3 times a week! :)

Becky R said...

I so need to add exercise to my life.

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