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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Black Belt Promotion!!!!

Disclaimer : I need a new camera.
More than three years of training, a written test, knowing the forms and names of punches and kicks in English in Japanese, and THE big ten person fight, William and Scott now have the privilege of wearing a black belt in Karate. The fight involves 10 students in a row. Here is Scott facing his pending opponents. Nine are sitting and the big one is standing on the right. As a mother it is very emotional watching. John and I were sweating. We felt like we were getting a work out and we were JUST watching! The boys say it was very tiring. Maybe I'll get to share photos of the fight soon. This is just the short story.

Scott's form held up great. He demonstrated his endurance and stamina.
(He's been cross training in cardio.)
Later he told me he was so stunned he didn't really know he was
wearing his black belt till he sat down.William fought a similar line-up ( a smaller student was traded out for a big one). Being big and powerful, he treated his opponent like they were bowling balls throwing them out of bounds into the other fighters like he was stiking all the pins with one blow. I must say I am surprised how easy he made it look.David didn't have to fight the big guys, but he sure is excited.
He's 1/2 way to black belt and one in spirit!A bright shiny new green belt!

Now as a black belt you get the honor of sitting up front in class and a new gee. If you are wondering what I am doing this weekend, I'll be transferring patches to black uniforms.

Two other students got promoted to black belt. The two Sensai's got promoted to Shihan (5th degree) and a few other awards and certificates were obtained. This was a very exciting promotion.

We appreciate Mary and Nate coming out for the promotion!


fitncrafty said...

Congrats!!!! This is a great accomplishment on so many levels!

I am very proud of the boys! I wish I could have been there! I hope you all did some special celebrating!

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos!

Christy said...

Congrats! What an accomplishment for all the hard work!

And thanks for explaining it, I didn't know how they moved up in levels. Interesting.

Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

I've always thought karate was a good thing for boys to do growing up. Congrats to your boys for their hard work!
I was once at church a few years ago and the woman teaching our class decided that to teach us faith we would learn how to chop wood with our bare hands. I didn't volunteer but was very impressed with those who were successful. Mind over matter...right?

ScienceGeek said...

How exciting. I know your boys have worked very hard, and I'm so impressed that they've earned their black belts!

Becky R said...


Orlando Realtor said...

What a great accomplishment for all 3 boys..I am really proud of you all. Let's not forget to applaud your mom and dad for getting you to this leval. This is a true family accomplishment.

Denise I love your new photo with Max.

Rixa said...

Great job to all your boys!

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